ETC Presents Sinulog Cebu Paintensity 2016

Because you asked for it, they’re bringing it back! It’s their 3rd year and we haven’t missed a single year enjoying this huge event of foamy, wet and wild party!


For the third time, ETC joins one of the most distinguished, grandest and colorful festivals in the Philippines- Sinulog. ETC parties with Cebuanos and tourists with a spectacular show that fuses high-energy music, art, dance, and paint featuring DJs from around the country: DJ Ace Ramos, MC Pao, DJ Funk Avy, Martin Pulgar, John Monreal, and many more!

ETC’s PAINTensity is a one-of-a-kind colorful festival. From the famous Sinulog street party, unlimited drinks, paint blasts, paint spraying installations and exceptional performances by renowned DJs in the Philippines! Check out this video from last year. (Marlo why are you here??)

And it’s confirmed! ETC PAINTensity is heading back to Cebu! It’s all happening on the 16th at Phase 3, Cebu Business Park.

ETC is also giving away limited edition ETC Paintensity shirt at the venue. Admission is FREE!

For more details and updates, check out ETC on and follow us on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel. Don’t miss out on the fun at #etcpaintensity2016!

Waking Up From A Long Blogging Nap

What a long blog hiatus it was, so we’re coming back with a huge blast!


It’s been almost 4 months of unwritten stories here at our LGBT couple travel blog, and it made us feel bad that we weren’t able to share the wonderful experience we’ve had during this year.

But we’ll cut this story short: WE ARE BACK! And here’s what in store for our still loyal readers!


  • Cebu’s Temple of Leah
  • SM Seaside City Cebu as in opens!
  • Beauty of Bataan Beaches
  • Sirao Flower Garden
  • Sinulog 2016
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • and many more!

So we’d like to ask for a small favor to please also follow our travel journey on Instagram at Let’s do this!

#WalangForever: 5 Things Singles Can Do This Valentines Month

Make your Valentines awesome… alone. Okay sorry that doesn’t even sound nice…


Valentines is fast approaching! But for some, they’ve wished they have this calendar instead…


So here we go. We’ve come up with the Top 5 things singles can do during the season of hearts…

1. Love Something New. – It really doesn’t always have to be a person. Find a new hobby. Go on a yoga class for a day. Maybe it’s time to go back to running. How about cooking? DotA? Clash of Clans? Candy Crush?


2. Do Your Laundry Then Get A Facial. – Cleaning your house is also a good way to express love… home love. Char. Show some affection to your favorite fashion articles. Then escalate quickly by getting your favorite facial regimen at a dermatology clinic afterwards. It’s not love, it’s Dove.


3. Party Harder At The Singles Awareness Day! All the single ladies, oh yes, it exists! Right after the big dates and fully-booked restaurants and motels, February 15 is your time and your time alone (pun intended). Order some pizza and tell them you’ll take care of the slicing…


4. Tear It Up! Drink It Up! Men always have at least one or two single friends. It’s just the law. They’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone as well. Spend the night with the other guys who don’t have a significant other. Don’t settle for the typical night; make it a really big night. Go for dinner, drinks, to a bar or even for just a night of gambling at someone’s house. Blow off some steam and forget all about the love-and-hearts crap.

5, Seriously, Do The Usual. It’s Valentine’s Day. Alone. Big. Effin. Deal. Just because it’s a day that everyone else is celebrating doesn’t mean you’ve got to observe and celebrate. Just pretend it’s a normal day: go to work, go to lunch, go for after-work drinks and do all the things you’d do on a normal, boring day. It only lasts 24 hours, and you spend the majority of that time in bed or at work. It will all be over soon.

February is the shortest month of the year but for some it feels like it’s actually the longest one. Come on, it’s just a day. In the end, we will always smile at friends who are happily committed. And at the same time, you can always proudly shout how being single rocks. We all have a reason. And whatever it is, it all starts with LOVING OURSELVES. It’s still LOVE. Remember that.

Happy hearts month! Smile lang. Dadating din yan… Wag atat. 😉

Support National Day Of Mourning With #Fallen44 Badge

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the #Fallen44. Hats off to the bravery of the fallen heroes of Mamasapano Clash.



We, Our Travel Dates, join Filipinos in this National Day of Mourning for the Fallen 44 with the blogger badge.


Show your support too by adding this today on your blog:

For Facebook: Make this your profile picture:



For Bloggers – Add a badge on your site:

1. Put this code on your CSS (stylesheet.css) or before the </style> tag on your <head> section:

#truthforfallen44 {
position: absolute;
right: 0;
top: 0;
display: block;
height: 195px;
width: 125px;
background: url( no-repeat;
text-indent: -999em;
text-decoration: none;

2. Put this code right after the <body> tag:

<a id="truthforfallen44" title="Truth for the Fallen 44" href="" target="blank">Fallen 44</a>

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Take The #VisitPH2015 Quiz & Win Valentines Dinner At The 5th Taste!

How about a Valentines dinner from us?

Valentines Day is fast approaching so we’d like to give someone the perfect treat, especially to the ones who loves Japanese food. So we’re giving away a dinner treat to a lucky winner who will take the Visit The Philippines 2015 Quiz, and will share it!


Instructions are simple:

  1. Like Our Travel Dates Facebook Page here:
  2. Answer the Visit The Philippines 2015 Quiz below, and share the result on Facebook. Make sure your shared result is posted as Public.
  3. Don’t forget to add hashtag #OurTravelDates on your Facebook status for your entry to be valid.
  4. You can join once per day. You may be able to share the results more than once, but only one (1) of them will be counted as an entry.

One (1) winner will receive P3,000.00 worth of Valentines dinner from The 5th Taste, located at Addition Hills, San Juan. The winner will be announced via our Facebook page on February 11, 2015! So hurry up.

Know more about the prize here: The 5th Taste in San Juan Restaurant Review

Good luck! Start below! Oh, and of course we can only take care of the dinner date, not the partner. 😉


OurTravelDates’ 63rd Miss Universe 2014 Final Picks & Predictions

Our final picks for the upcoming 63rd Miss Universe finals is here!

For some reasons, Missosology won’t let us post these predictions we’ve made. So instead, we’re posting it here.


We’ve taken the following into consideration and selected the Top 15 who might enter the semifinals: preliminary performance, overall body and facial beauty, possible Trump cards.


There are some candidates who ALMOST made the cut for us, but didn’t push through simply because this year is undeniably one of the most competitive year for Miss Universe, and much as we’d like to put them thru, only 15 of all those 88 gorgeous ladies will make the cut. Here are some of our early favorites who might steal a spot during the finals:

  • Dominican Republic – We know how amazing her walk was especially during the preliminaries, but we can’t help but notice the nose job it’s kinda distracting.
  • Thailand – It was easy to say that her facial beauty was outshined by the rest of the Top 15.
  • Spain – Among all Latinas, she did the least for us.
  • Lithuania – She lacked charisma on stage. But of course she’s obviously one of the nicest faces in the competition.
  • Great Britain – While the judges won’t compare her to her predecessor who Vava-voomed, Amy Willerton, we can’t help but think that she is a little bit of a downgrade.

From there on, we watched the preliminaries’ swimsuit competition and picked the best performers.


And there she goes, here are our chosen girls who might make the cut after swimsuit.


5 girls outshined the rest during the preliminary evening gown competition…


But after our re-review, here are the Top 5 girls who possessed elegance, poise, and beauty during the evening gown round.


Which brings us to judge their overall performance in Miss Universe from arrival, to the photos, to the events, and to the prelims.

4TH RUNNER-UP – Ukraine – Diana Harkusha


Ukraine has been consistently bringing the finest ladies from their country, count them since 2003, and Olesya (MU 2011 First Runner-Up), Anastacia, and Olga (we were crying while being amazed at her flowy evening gown performance). Diana is not an exception. Keep her sassiness during the swimsuit competition and she’ll sail through the final 5 as her evening gown is one of the best gowns during that preliminary night.

3RD RUNNER-UP – Jamaica – Kaci Fennell


Whenever you hear Jamaica, pageant enthusiasts would always think of Yendi Philipps as the benchmark of the carribean beauty. While Kaci can’t live up to Yendi’s overall MU run, her prelims is definitely one of the most memorable this year. Watching all her videos showing her sweet side, you can easily notice Jamaica making a huge transformation whenever she steps on that stage. It was such a gorgeous sight seeing her fabulous swimsuit, and regal evening gown performances. We could only hope that Kaci won’t end up being the Ruthie.

2ND RUNNER-UP – Philippines – Mary Jean Lastimosa


Our very own MJ! She came to this event with a lot of gun bullets ready to shoot at the perfect time. While we can probably count more than 20 girls who could outshine her facial beauty, no one can ever deny that she gave it all right from the moment she rode off the car arriving in Doral up to the final rehearsals. In this edition of nothing but tough competition, we can still see her finishing great. Of course we’re still praying for that crown and have her the first one to wear it (I mean sino ba namang ayaw diba?), but a 3rd place is an impressionable finish for our Filipina beauty. Still not convinced? Look.

1ST RUNNER-UP – Colombia – Paulina Vega


Paulina came to Doral to win. You won’t even have a second thought seeing that new crown on her. Her confidence make her one of the clear Latina front-runners. Colombia might put up an even huge surprise in the finals, but for now we’re sticking her to the runner-up position simply because of the so-so-wins-the-finals curse.

63rd MISS UNIVERSE 2014 – Brazil – Melissa Gurgel


The girl who was hardly chasing after her dreams, Melissa seems to have it all. Add the fact that Stefania, Ximena, Leila, Olivia, and Gabriela did not really perform well during their respective preliminaries. We can easily see Melissa wearing that D.I.C crown, and despite the negative reviews of her prelim preformance and the minimal hype, Miss Brazil’s facial beauty, astoundingly sexy body, and bubbly personality is her shotgun bullet leading to her big finish. And may we request you to watch her official interview again this time, imagining her with the crown on her head.

Fits her perfectly yah?

Your thoughts? Comment up, but please be gentle 😉

Which 63rd Miss Universe 2014 Country Are You? Take The Quiz!

Bored while waiting for the big event on the 25th? Take this quick quiz and determine who you should be screaming for, aside from your home country!

We are very excited to put this one up, less than a week before the much-awaited, biggest beauty pageant of the year!


Basically, this quiz will help you figure out who you should represent for this year’s Miss Universe, or as easy as what country’s sash you will wear during the viewing party. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This quiz was programmed for fun purposes only. The result is generated from a set of answers you’ve picked with its closest match. Some considerations are Missosology’s 8 Hot Picks, Sash Factor’s 10th Picks, Global Beauties’ 4th Picks’ Top 10, etc. There are a total of 26 countries for the result, all combined from top pageantry community top picks as of January 20. Caption credits to Miss Universe Organization.

What’s Your #VisitPH2015 Destination? Take The Quiz!

Where do you want to go today? Time to find out where in the Philippines you’ll be booking your next trip.

Heya! Obviously the coders got bored on writing day after day. So we’ve decided to make our own quiz as we support the Department of Tourism’s latest campaign, Visit The Philippines 2015!


Basically, this quiz will help you figure out where you should go on your next vacation if you’re planning a trip around our very own. Enjoy!

We would like to thank The Pinay Solo Backpacker’s original article: 15 Philippine Destinations to Visit This 2015. We have based most of the destination results of this quiz from there.

iPhone 6 Is Out! But Why Choose #GlobeiPhone6?

Globe Telecom has officially launched the newest Apple gadget, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with its suite of compelling offers and exclusive privileges for a total digital experience for us Filipinos. Last night, we were given a chance to celebrate with the Globe family as they release the first batch of theses hot gadgets of the year.

globe-launch-event-iphone6-plus#ThatWonderfulMoment when people are lined up for the midnight launch

It was a blast having to celebrate with the biggest names of Globe (Thanks Cat!). While we got too excited to get pass the media and take photos, instead let’s talk about the iPhone 6 Plans and what makes Globe different when it comes to buying one.

Globe iPhone Plans starts at Plan 1299 with P800 additional monthly amortization for iPhone 6 with 24-month contract. And for the iPhone 6 Plus, you can get it at  Plan 1299 with an additional P1,000 monthly amotization on a 24-month contract. The monthly cash out is payable either through cash or major credit card with no additional interest.


You could easily hear good deals about iPhone 6 on the market, but what makes #GlobeiPhone6 different? Let’s quickly enumerate.

Reset program

The leader in postpaid is bringing back its highly-successful Reset program, a Globe-first, which allows existing postpaid customers to renew or extend their existing account to get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This means that if a subscriber’s 24-month contract is still not up for renewal to get a new device, a corresponding “reset fee” can be settled to get the latest devices under the same postpaid line. The Reset program is available until December 31, 2014.

iTunes apps purchase

Another exclusive offer is the easy apps purchase from the US iTunes Store using GCASH American Express Virtual Card, enabling customers to download and purchase apps, media, and games and charge it to their postpaid bill or prepaid load without using a credit card. I just tried it out myself and it apparently links you to MyShopping Box service, which will let you purchase your favorite items in the US without worrying about the huge shipping costs. Plus, it uses the virtual card too!

Discounts on iPhone accessories

New and existing customers availing of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Globe are also entitled to get 35% discount on Speck, Ballistic and Tech 21 products, and 25% discount on all powerbank brands at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker stores. Customers can also get 30% discount on Moshi, Lab C and Opt cases, Belkin accessories, Milli powerbanks, Divoom and Doss Bluetooth Speakers at Switch stores. The offer is available from November 14-16, 2014, with redemption until March 31, 2015.

Complete suite of Globe Apps

Customers can also enjoy the complete digital experience with Globe Apps, where they can store and access photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, and messages in one place with Globe Cloud; book seats and buy movie tickets with GMovies; enjoy great discounts and deals, membership privileges and redeem offers with GDeals; and check load balance, subscribe to promos, share load and manage account with GServices.

Globe is offering the iPhone 6 (16GB) at Plan 1299 with P800 monthly cashout good for 24 months, while the iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) is available at Plan 1299 with P1,000 monthly cashout also for 24 months, payable through major credit cards at 0% interest. Both plan offers come with 3GB of GoSURF mobile data monthly, Photo Bundle for unlimited access to Instagram, Photo Repost, Photo Grid, and Instasize, 20 minutes of calls to all networks, 400 texts to all networks, free 3 months of access to Spotify Premium, and free Gadget Care coverage for 1 month.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones are now available in Globe Stores nationwide. You may also check out iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plans at We’re very excited for our iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, but I hope it doesn’t…

Our #WeChatShareAScare Entry: Frog & Horse

Where do you usually wear a Halloween costume? John does it mostly on his work days before the 31st. But what about me working at home?

So we’ve decided to pull off a Halloween stunt on our own, right at the comfort of our home! We joined a contest from WeChat by simple being Halloween-spired and Share-A-Scare!


To join this is pretty much simple:

  1. Take a photo of you in your Halloween costume
  2. Share it on your Moments page and have at least 5 friends like your post
  3. Take a screenshot of your Moments post and share it on your FB timeline, tagging your local WeChat page – @WeChat Malaysia (/Singapore/Philippines) and hashtagging #WeChatShareAScare

Now the big question is, what would be our concept and how do we make our entry stand out among the rest?

We have read the WeChat Blog and saw some sticker inspirations, including the Orange Lantern and the Voodoo Ruby. But there’s one thing we saw in the options that really squeezed out our creative juices:

frog-horseFrog and horse are a couple of crazy and amazing friends who escaped from the zoo and love to dance. They have lived a pretty awesome life eversince.

But you gotta make it spooky, right? So we tried to make a story out of it, like a world converting itself to some sort of Silent Hill at some point. This is where Frog transforms itself to a gruesome monster, hungry for meat, and took Horse as his helpless victim.

Sounds cool?

So we collected materials to execute the monster frog with an oil-based body paint, a modified monster prosthetic mask, the bloodbath setting, and some other cool props to put life to the story behind the gruesome “moment”.

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (5)

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (7)

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (6)

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (8)

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (3)

wechat-spooky-share-a-scare-photo-contest-our-travel-dates (9)

And the shoot has started!


After roughly the entire day of shoot, there’s just this one photo that stood out among the rest. And after some polishing and integrating more effects that will surely put the perfect finishes to the sticker-put-to-life, here’s our final official entry for the WeChat’s Share-A-Scare photo contest:

2014-11-02 03.32.57

Frog and horse are a couple of crazy and amazing friends who escaped from the zoo and love to dance. They have lived a pretty awesome life eversince… until came Silent Hill last night where all hell broke loose.

“Horse? What horse? I don’t see him.”

“He would be sitting right next to me and just be sweet… but I need some meat.”

With the missing friend comes one thing Frog never leaves by his side… A FLOWER that Horse give him days back before the “Purge”.

It’s true. Real friendship never ends… #WeChatShareAScare

“What Horse?” #WeChatShareAScare Photo Entry

Art Direction: Jeff Alagar & Marlo Molar
Make-Up: Jeff Alagar
Lights: John Maunes
Photo By: Jeff Alagar
Concept: WeChat “Frog & Horse” Rose Bite Sticker
Shot At: California Garden Square, Mandaluyong

Goodluck to us!