Our final picks for the upcoming 63rd Miss Universe finals is here!

For some reasons, Missosology won’t let us post these predictions we’ve made. So instead, we’re posting it here.


We’ve taken the following into consideration and selected the Top 15 who might enter the semifinals: preliminary performance, overall body and facial beauty, possible Trump cards.


There are some candidates who ALMOST made the cut for us, but didn’t push through simply because this year is undeniably one of the most competitive year for Miss Universe, and much as we’d like to put them thru, only 15 of all those 88 gorgeous ladies will make the cut. Here are some of our early favorites who might steal a spot during the finals:

  • Dominican Republic – We know how amazing her walk was especially during the preliminaries, but we can’t help but notice the nose job it’s kinda distracting.
  • Thailand – It was easy to say that her facial beauty was outshined by the rest of the Top 15.
  • Spain – Among all Latinas, she did the least for us.
  • Lithuania – She lacked charisma on stage. But of course she’s obviously one of the nicest faces in the competition.
  • Great Britain – While the judges won’t compare her to her predecessor who Vava-voomed, Amy Willerton, we can’t help but think that she is a little bit of a downgrade.

From there on, we watched the preliminaries’ swimsuit competition and picked the best performers.


And there she goes, here are our chosen girls who might make the cut after swimsuit.


5 girls outshined the rest during the preliminary evening gown competition…


But after our re-review, here are the Top 5 girls who possessed elegance, poise, and beauty during the evening gown round.


Which brings us to judge their overall performance in Miss Universe from arrival, to the photos, to the events, and to the prelims.

4TH RUNNER-UP – Ukraine – Diana Harkusha


Ukraine has been consistently bringing the finest ladies from their country, count them since 2003, and Olesya (MU 2011 First Runner-Up), Anastacia, and Olga (we were crying while being amazed at her flowy evening gown performance). Diana is not an exception. Keep her sassiness during the swimsuit competition and she’ll sail through the final 5 as her evening gown is one of the best gowns during that preliminary night.

3RD RUNNER-UP – Jamaica – Kaci Fennell


Whenever you hear Jamaica, pageant enthusiasts would always think of Yendi Philipps as the benchmark of the carribean beauty. While Kaci can’t live up to Yendi’s overall MU run, her prelims is definitely one of the most memorable this year. Watching all her videos showing her sweet side, you can easily notice Jamaica making a huge transformation whenever she steps on that stage. It was such a gorgeous sight seeing her fabulous swimsuit, and regal evening gown performances. We could only hope that Kaci won’t end up being the Ruthie.

2ND RUNNER-UP – Philippines – Mary Jean Lastimosa


Our very own MJ! She came to this event with a lot of gun bullets ready to shoot at the perfect time. While we can probably count more than 20 girls who could outshine her facial beauty, no one can ever deny that she gave it all right from the moment she rode off the car arriving in Doral up to the final rehearsals. In this edition of nothing but tough competition, we can still see her finishing great. Of course we’re still praying for that crown and have her the first one to wear it (I mean sino ba namang ayaw diba?), but a 3rd place is an impressionable finish for our Filipina beauty. Still not convinced? Look.

1ST RUNNER-UP – Colombia – Paulina Vega


Paulina came to Doral to win. You won’t even have a second thought seeing that new crown on her. Her confidence make her one of the clear Latina front-runners. Colombia might put up an even huge surprise in the finals, but for now we’re sticking her to the runner-up position simply because of the so-so-wins-the-finals curse.

63rd MISS UNIVERSE 2014 – Brazil – Melissa Gurgel


The girl who was hardly chasing after her dreams, Melissa seems to have it all. Add the fact that Stefania, Ximena, Leila, Olivia, and Gabriela did not really perform well during their respective preliminaries. We can easily see Melissa wearing that D.I.C crown, and despite the negative reviews of her prelim preformance and the minimal hype, Miss Brazil’s facial beauty, astoundingly sexy body, and bubbly personality is her shotgun bullet leading to her big finish. And may we request you to watch her official interview again this time, imagining her with the crown on her head.

Fits her perfectly yah?

Your thoughts? Comment up, but please be gentle 😉


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