Make your Valentines awesome… alone. Okay sorry that doesn’t even sound nice…


Valentines is fast approaching! But for some, they’ve wished they have this calendar instead…


So here we go. We’ve come up with the Top 5 things singles can do during the season of hearts…

1. Love Something New. – It really doesn’t always have to be a person. Find a new hobby. Go on a yoga class for a day. Maybe it’s time to go back to running. How about cooking? DotA? Clash of Clans? Candy Crush?


2. Do Your Laundry Then Get A Facial. – Cleaning your house is also a good way to express love… home love. Char. Show some affection to your favorite fashion articles. Then escalate quickly by getting your favorite facial regimen at a dermatology clinic afterwards. It’s not love, it’s Dove.


3. Party Harder At The Singles Awareness Day! All the single ladies, oh yes, it exists! Right after the big dates and fully-booked restaurants and motels, February 15 is your time and your time alone (pun intended). Order some pizza and tell them you’ll take care of the slicing…


4. Tear It Up! Drink It Up! Men always have at least one or two single friends. It’s just the law. They’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone as well. Spend the night with the other guys who don’t have a significant other. Don’t settle for the typical night; make it a really big night. Go for dinner, drinks, to a bar or even for just a night of gambling at someone’s house. Blow off some steam and forget all about the love-and-hearts crap.

5, Seriously, Do The Usual. It’s Valentine’s Day. Alone. Big. Effin. Deal. Just because it’s a day that everyone else is celebrating doesn’t mean you’ve got to observe and celebrate. Just pretend it’s a normal day: go to work, go to lunch, go for after-work drinks and do all the things you’d do on a normal, boring day. It only lasts 24 hours, and you spend the majority of that time in bed or at work. It will all be over soon.

February is the shortest month of the year but for some it feels like it’s actually the longest one. Come on, it’s just a day. In the end, we will always smile at friends who are happily committed. And at the same time, you can always proudly shout how being single rocks. We all have a reason. And whatever it is, it all starts with LOVING OURSELVES. It’s still LOVE. Remember that.

Happy hearts month! Smile lang. Dadating din yan… Wag atat. 😉


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