Bored while waiting for the big event on the 25th? Take this quick quiz and determine who you should be screaming for, aside from your home country!

We are very excited to put this one up, less than a week before the much-awaited, biggest beauty pageant of the year!


Basically, this quiz will help you figure out who you should represent for this year’s Miss Universe, or as easy as what country’s sash you will wear during the viewing party. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This quiz was programmed for fun purposes only. The result is generated from a set of answers you’ve picked with its closest match. Some considerations are Missosology’s 8 Hot Picks, Sash Factor’s 10th Picks, Global Beauties’ 4th Picks’ Top 10, etc. There are a total of 26 countries for the result, all combined from top pageantry community top picks as of January 20. Caption credits to Miss Universe Organization.


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