Go Back To Nature With Vista Tala Resort in Bataan


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park is a 895 meters above sea level resort in BRGY. TALA, ORANI, BATAAN. This 42-hectare vast land offers fun, leisure, adventure, and relaxation.

Gotta appreciate this very first thing that made me want to go here: the nature infinity pool!
Enjoy a scenic view while relaxing in these kubos.
Who wouldn’t say yes to that?


From Manila: Ride a GENESIS Bus (Cubao or Pasay) headed to BALANGA, and then ask the driver to drop you off at Petron Orani. You’ll find a trike terminal that will bring you to Vista Tala at around P150.00 (or try to haggle at least!). It will take around 10- 15 minutes.

Commuting will take around 2-3 hours max.

Heading back to Manila: Ask the receptionist to call a trike for you to bring you back to Petron Orani, where you can wait for Cubao or Pasay Genesis bus.

“Let’s pretend to have fun in 3… 2… 1. Lol!”
“Now check how it looked like on the photo. Haha!”
Jacuzzi Pool with the beautiful mountain view.
And this is how it looks like at night.
Dinner time!



  •  P600.00 for Adult (P200 consumable)
  •  P360.00 for kids (3-12 YO with P100 consumable)

You’ll have to pay P200.00 for entrance at the resturant (non-consumable) if doing daytrip only.

OVERNIGHT RATES (as of May 2018)

  • Nipa Hut (Not literally a Nipa Hut, but a small room good for 2)*: P3,900.00
  • Standard Room (2 pax)*: P4,500.00
  • Deluxe Room (2 pax)*: P6,500.00
  • Standard Villa (4 pax)*: P9,900.00

Call the hotel for other price and rooms (Barkada Rooms, Villa with Jacuzzi, etc)

* inclusive of free breakfast

Extra Person Charge: P1,220.00


  • Infinity Pool
  • Jacuzzi Pool
  • Bubble Pool
  • River Trekking (Schedule is 9:00AM and 2:00PM only)


  • Rapelling (P150/head)
  • Wall Climbing (P150/head)
  • Zipline (P250/head)
  • Sound-proof KTV room
  • Body Spa
  • Restaurant & Bar
Time for some pictorial with the early morning dew!
Some drama.
And I have to be competitive haha!
So here’s a jacuzzi pool shot instead!
The nice view at the bottom of the resort: a 15-minute trek ends with this small spring.
Wash me, wash me, wasssshh meeeee
And finally, check out some of our shots from the Sparky.
Yup. That’s me controlling Sparky on the left of the photo!
Cute, but overall a relaxing place to stay at the mountains of Bataan.
And I didn’t get to have a shot like this because John cannot control Sparky lol!
Yup. It’s high up in the mountains.
Ready to give it a try?

Head on to this escape to nature soon as you can! In the meantime, check this travel music video we’ve made about this trip!

Thanks papi Ed Ryan Eder, we wouldn’t discover this without seeing your photo on the news feed months back haha!

Music by: ILLENIUM – Fractures
Color grade by Mathieu Stern


Discovery Beach In Calatagan, Batangas: Dionisio Caisip Beach Farm

Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort

Long weekend vacation at a beach in Batangas on a rainy month of June? Possible!

It was our first try to spend a vacation at Calatagan and at first, we wanted to go to Manuel Uy beach resort and camping site, but rainy season’s about to start and the area is too slippery to get passed by vehicles.

To our surprise, we have found this secluded resort run by siblings right beside Casa Astillero, which has opened just this year. Take a look at these photos.

Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort – Beach House in Calatagan, Batangas

Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort

Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort Beach house in Calatagan Batangas - Dionisio Caisip Beach Resort

Dionisio Caisip Calatagan Beach Location / How To Get There:

Dionisio Caisip Beach Farm is situated at Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas. Resort is located right beside Casa Astillero in Caisip Compound.

Dionisio Caisip Beach Rates:

  • Beach House – P5,000.00
  • Regular Nipa Hut (good for 2-4 persons) – P2,500.00
  • Large Nipa Hut (good for 4-6 persons) – P3,000.00

These huts have electricity anytime of the day so no worries with charging your gadgets or playing your music. But if you are planning to just camp around the area, the rates are as follows:

  • Tent Rental – P500.00
  • Entrance per head (if bringing your own tent) – P100.00

*prices may change without prior notice

There are public showers and CR around so no worries about cleaning up.

Dionisio Caisip Calatagan Beach Final Tips:

  • The area is currently available only on summer, starting February and ends on June.
  • Bring your own trash bag, help the owners keep the area clean by organizing your garbages.
  • Grill is available for use. Bring your own charcoal (uling). Sometimes the caretaker sells a pack at P20.00
  • Area is not managed as full running business, so make sure you bring your own food because there are no available restaurants or carinderia around. Buy your utensils and other important materials at convenience stores or local grocery which is around 2kms. away from the site.
  • If you plan to bring videoke or anything that will bring loud music, please lower them down by 10pm.
  • During summer, you might find starfish on the beach, you are not allowed to take them.
  • Mobile data is not reliable. As per our visit, Globe data are weak to none, while Smart has little but nonetheless working.

To book for a reservation, please contact 09169855692.

Street Foodie For A Day At World Street Food Congress 2017!

We both became a street foodie for a day!

It was our first time to attend an amazing food street event, with over 28 pop-up stalls. World Street Food Congress 2017 is the Asia’s biggest street food celebration who has said to have become bigger and better, bringing in hawkers and foodies from across the globe.

The World Street Food Jamboree is for food aficionados which was held in MOA Concert Grounds from May 31 until June 4 and it has featured over 40 different international street food from:
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • India
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines

Live cooking demonstrations was held throughout the event, featuring dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and the Philippines as well. We had to drop by quick at the gym before heading to this exciting event simply because we know by ourselves that it’s going to be a lot of eating, sweets included! It was amazing, anybody who loves food should definitely check it out. It was also pretty fun getting there on an electric scooter, try it out next time.

There were a lot of great food choices this year. But we can only eat so much. So, we have personally picked FIVE (5) dishes. Here they are:

Whey powder. Chos. That’s four freaking sodas! Haha!
The final four. Doing the pageant judging at the food table yay! Haha!

Oyster Omelette (Top Right on photo above) – They have said it’s been around since 1958 and is about to celebrate the making of this dish by next year. We became curious and for this visit, this has been agreed to be our we-are-curious-about food.

JOHN’S CHOICE – Tausug Chicken

Tausug Chicken – This was John’s personal choice. He said to have seen it a lot being featured on television but he never had the chance to try it out. Now he just did! Pyanggang grilled black chicken (with black grilled and spiced grated coconut) and Junay (spirced rice) with egg is originally a delicacy endemic to the Tausug from the Province of Sulu.

JEFF’S CHOICE – Singapore Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak – This was my personal choice. I’ve tried an authentic version of this back in Singapore and I’m just too excited to try it out again here so it was an easy decision to get this out of the other 20+ stalls with great food!

PERFECT SIDE – Cereal Chicken

Cereal Chicken – I’m a sucker for anything in SG so Cereal Chicken was an easy decision. This popular street food is being sold at Makansutra Gluttons Bay in Singapore as well as Makansutra Hawkers in SM Megamall! I’ve been craving for Cereal Prawns but having the cereal taste as exactly the same with this chicken variation ended up with me asking for more, hello SM Mega haha!

SWEET ENDING – Martabak Manis in 4 different variations

Martabak Manis – This well-loved snack, Martabak Manis, was made since 1965 and has started selling in a street stall. It is a wildly popular variation of sweet martabak or appam balik or the Chinese mee chang kueh. The perfect dessert to finish your gastronomic journey in this WSFC17 we both agreed! This comes in different flavors: Cheese, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Oreo, Green Tea KitKat, and Nutella Almond!

Yay to discount voucher at Makansutra SM Megamall!
Ending the experience with a happy tummy and a big smile! #PartnerGoals

Overall, it was such a great experience having to try some great Asian street food there is. If only our tummies aren’t that full yet, we could’ve tried even more. But I guess it’s all worth going back again, hopefully next year!

Summer’s Not Over Yet With HYDRO Pampanga Lakeshore!

Cabalens, makasadya nakang mabasa?!

Don’t fret because the summer is not over yet! HYDRO Manila Music Festival will make it rain at Lakeshore Pampanga on Saturday, June 24 2017!

Outdoor activities, picnic grounds, overnight under the stars and a giant lake – they have it all! These new attraction will definitely blow your minds and keep you coming back for more!

Get ready to be serenaded by Sud and Silent Sanctuary, and dance to the beats of the hottest DJs in the metro!

  • DJ Tom Taus
  • DJ Patty TiuDeuce
  • DJ Marc Marasigan
  • DJ Katsy Lee
  • DJ Cathy Frey
  • DJ Kikoman
  • MC Ronthug Madela
  • MC Kraine
  • DZ SVG

Buy your tickets now in all SM Tickets Outlets nationwide!

P.S. For those people joining Hydro Pampanga in June 24, you don’t have to worry going out of the Lakeshore premises AFTER the whole event! There would be
transportation/shuttle points from Lakeshore going to SM Pampanga and SM Clark! And guess what? IT’S FOR FREE! See you there!

About Lakeshore Pampanga

The Lakeshore offers venues available for any occasion. Perfect setting for your company’s conferences, seminars , trainings , team buildings , wedding, debut, anniversary etc.

You can choose from these venues:

  • The clubhouse
  • The lighthouse tent
  • The lakeshore tent
  • Island
  • South pier
  • North park
  • Saint John Paul II Chapel

Lakeshore Activities :

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking – P150/1hr
  • Camping
  • Fishing – P200/pax
  • Boating – pedal boating P150/1hr
  • Biking – P150 / 1hr
  • Picnic – P200/6pax without table
  • Picnic – P250/6pax with table

How to get there:

From recto – Take a genesis transit bus bound to San Fernando, Pampanga, tell the driver to drop you off at SM Pampanga. ( P100 reg – P82 student )

From SM Pampanga, go to SM Transport Terminal and take a jeepney going to Dau, Clark Main Gate. The jeep will enter NLEX and tell them to stop by PETRON NLEX near McDonald’s and Starbucks. Lakeshore’s entance is at the back of McDonalds ( P30 jeepney fare )


For inquiries :
Website: http://www.lakeshore.com.ph/
Email: contact.lakeshoreevents@gmail.com
Contact numbers: (0977)829-7994 – (0928)822-2825

Have A Weekend To Spare? Make It A Bataan One!

Travel back in time with Bataan and Las Casas — It has been 3 years since John planned on going to Bataan but it just keeps getting postponed most of the time because of priorities. This year, we’ve finally got the chance to get there and with still our work and other stuff in mind, we’ve decided to come to Bataan for a weekend trip only.

Planning on a weekend trip at Bataan, maybe we could help! Check here and see how our weekend itinerary went:

  1. Booked for a cheap but reasonable hotel a week leading to the travel weekend. We have found Elison Hotel on our list as a good choice. The Plaza Hotel was fully booked during the weekend we wanted to stay and Elison was the nearest and probably the cheapest as they claim (hotel photos courtesy of Travelbook.ph).
  2. If you’re coming from Metro Manila, you can head straight to the Genesis Bus Terminal stations located at either Pasay near MRT pasay Station, or the ones at Avenida. Below is their current bus schedule leading to Balanga or Mariveles:
  3. We traveled around 12NN and arrived at around 4PM. One tip: If you’re riding the Mariveles bus, tell the conductor to drop you off at the stopover and instruct the terminal that you’re transferring to Balanga bus (the ones coming from Avenida), so you can head straight to the town without taking any trikes.Soon as we arrived at the terminal, the hotel is literally walk-able from it. But if the weather does not permit you to walk, a trike ride costs only ten pesos to get there. Just tell the driver around the hotel, it’s right after the small bridge on your right.
  4. Around 5PM onwards we’ve finally decided to go out and come to The Plaza. Oh, during this weekend we went, Balanga is currently celebrating their town fiesta, so there were a couple of activities and events happening all at the same time around the area.
  5. Dinner time! We’ve come to one of the most popular warm and cozy diner in Balanga, The Beanery. The place was so inviting and so we have both decided to ordered this: The Beanery Bab Back Ribs! Put this really quick, but we promise to make a separate review of this amazing place soon!
  6. Then it’s rest time because we have a long day ahead. The morning after, we left the hotel as early as 9AM (Sunday) to walk back to the terminal and ride a jeep heading to Las Casas. This is how far it’s gonna be, but it’ll take you only an hour to get to Bagac, but most of the jeep rides won’t bring you straight to the entrance gate if you’re less than 10 people inside the jeep going there, plus you will have to pay an additional fare. Don’t worry, there’s always a trike ride from bayan heading there.
  7. Behold, some of our Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar photos. We spent the entire day doing photoshoots and had a buffet lunch (paid separately for P800/head). Then continued to just walk around and relax (the sun was too harsh that day!), and finally closed the trip with a relaxing stay at the beach.

And of course this trip won’t end without our vanity shots haha!

Overall, it was quite a trip. I have to take note that most of our trips, we both agree to just enjoy travel in a sense that everything is not forced and that we are not required to visit every possible tourist spot(s) around the place. We’re mostly just taking it slow and prefers to just take our time. Are we going back again? DEFINITELY! We’ve seen a lot of new buildings under construction and we’ll surely go back when the place is in full bloom! Maybe the next time around, we’ll actually try the heritage tour, or probably stay overnight and experience a laidback accommodating experience there!

Til our next travel date!


  • You are not allowed to bring any food in Las Casas. Try to sneak it in your bag, or you may eat your lunch at the restaurants and buffet located inside. Café Marivent in Casa Unisan and La Bella Teodoro in Casa Binan are the dining ones, the buffet is at the Hotel de Oriente. Our take on the buffet food? Kind of pricey for the choices in there. Needs a little bit of improvement, probably more food choices please.
  • You have an option NOT TO do the 1-2 hour tour. We chose not to simply because we only wanted to walk round and then jump in the water to relax.
  • If you are staying overnight, you may visit their site for reservations.
  • Otherwise if you are planning to go on just the daytour, NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED. Just pay the entrance fee which costed P1,500.00 as of April 2017. This package includes One (1) cold towel, and a welcome drink at La Parilla.
  • There are around 3 restaurants around, one of them serves buffet or set meals.
  • Always bring water with you especially if you plan to come summer time, it can get super hot and a lot of areas don’t have any place where you can stay away from the sunlight, no shades whatsoever. Oh, and sunblock is also necessary.
  • If you’re commuting back to your hotel or headed back home, try to leave Las Casas as early as possible, best around 4:30 – 5:00PM. The buses bound for Balanga is super hassle, at least from our end that time, there are no lines and you have to work your way to getting inside a non-aircon bus.
  • Lastly, the place has a lot of exclusive deals so always make sure you check out their site every now and then.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is located at Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan. For reservations, contact them thru the following: Landline (+632) 332-5286 (+632) 877-4501 (+632) 332-5338 (+632) 355-3032 Mobile 0917-872-9361.

P.S. Our apologies for not making this trip as detailed as it could be. This trip went really quick and we didn’t go beyond details but instead just spent it as travelers and not as blogger. Don’t worry, we’re definitely going back and will share the entire experience with you!

ETC Presents: Paintensity Sinulog 2017

Cebu City, Philippines — One of the best Sinulog glow-color-paint rave party is back for the 2017 edition!

UPDATE: Due to insistent public demand, this event has been moved to JANUARY 14, 2017.

As mentioned by ETC Facebook Page: Hey, Cebu! Because we’ve missed you, we’re coming back real soon, and we hope to celebrate the new year with all of you! 😘#etcpaintensity2017.

So yes, it’s finally happening again! ETC’s Paintensity Sinulog 2017 is back for another exciting paint and color mix party. Make sure to come well shaved with electric razors from ´t https://factschronicle.com/ so you don´t get that annoying paint stuck in your hair. Come to The Greenery on the 14th of January starting at 4:00PM all the way until the dawn of January 15th! See you there!

Pit Senyor: Sinulog 2017 Party Events You Should Not Miss

Cebu, Philippines, #SINULOG2017 — It’s that time of the year again where all will just should repeatedly: Pit Senyor!


And we’re back to keep you updated with the list of the hottest events you should not miss this coming edition of Sinulog Festival! So let’s not waste time here and check out the definitive list of events that will surely hit the partygoers!


One beat. One nation. Once dance. That’s LifeDance Sinulog 2017 for us!


SINULOG INVASION 2017 – January 15, 2017 – 1:00PM

It’s gonna be a Lit Senyor! Gather all your friends! #sinuloginvasion


First-timer? Check out: Sinulog Festival Survival Tips For Party Junkies

UPDATED December 24, 2016 — This post will be updated constantly so stay tuned and make sure you bookmark this page! Pit Senyoooor! Prititiiiiit!

Just Launched: PhilSpas Massage Spa Listing In The Philippines

We are very proud to present the launch of one of our new sites for this year!

These season of holidays, we have been very tired on making preparations, shopping for gifts, and cooking food. Sometimes all you wanted to do is just rest, or maybe get a massage. It was the perfect time that a new Philippine Spa directory and listing has been launched.


PhilSpas.com is a sister company of the number one spa directory that we had since 2010, Manila Touch. It was about time to launch another spa directory that will cater to all spas in the country. Manila Touch will now be dedicated for NCR spas alone.

Catering to different spa enthusiasts around the country, PhilSpas aims to cater to a more luxurious massage fans all around the city. We have already put on at least the first 20 spas and are targetting to put hundreds in the next coming months.


You can search for spas near your location, equipped with maps and complete information on each establishment. Check out this photo below. Looks like some sort of Pokeradar huh? Haha!


Try our PhilSpas.com today and start relaxing!

The All-New Sirao Flower Garden in Cebu: All You Need To Know

It was the perfect timing for us finally.

Last year, we’ve heard about this fuzz about a certain flower farm in Cebu that went viral because it looks amazing as if you’re not in the Philippines with all the beautiful, colorful flowers around. Take a look at this one taken by an Instagram user tonipino:

Today’s adventure with the mister #💐 #Sirao #Cebu #FlowerFarm

A photo posted by toni pino-oca (@tonipino) on

We were ecstatic to look for the place and take pictures since we were Cebu-bound a few weeks in, But when we arrived there during the last week of November, the flowers were already gone and harvested. Awww…

We’ll be back. That’s for sure.

There was only one weapon left for us to find the perfect timing: constantly searching for #Sirao photos in Instagram and Facebook. And when John’s niece was found in one of those with photos taken just a few hours ago, we’ve decided to finally give it another go. Oh, and we are here in Cebu already for Sinulog that’s why. (Read: Sinulog Party Tips and Survival Guide 2016)

How to get there (if you are commuting): You have two options if you’re coming from the city. The first one is to take a jeep or a cab to JY Square located at the end of Salinas drive in Lahug. Your easiest landmark is McDonald’s. The habal-habal drivers will drive you there at around P150.00 for a round trip (JY – Sirao – JY) . But you have to take note, the drivers will charge you somewhere between P100-P200 per hour of waiting for you. Compute that and you might pay around P350-P550 per person. Another option is to find a cab at JY Square. This is a bit tougher because we had to convince the driver for a good contract price (all the driving up and waiting), and we ended up spending P1,200, but that’s for everyone already.

On the other hand, if you or your friends are driving, it won’t be as tricky anymore as last year because now you will be able to find banners around Busay leading you to the farm. But in case you’re having a hard time:


Upon arriving at the place, it did not seem to look as how it was on the photos that we saw. Good thing the owner of the place was there when we went there so we can get her share of the story. Take a look at the garden view from the entrance.


Note: There’s a maintenance / entrance fee of only P30.00 per person. But if you are doing a prenup shoot, each person / crew will cost you P200.00.

Look at all those flowers on the right! The owner told us that if you come to this place at the peak season (set around either April – May, and October – November), you will find the ENTIRE place bombarded with almost human-sized flower plants! Those are the ones that captivated the social media and even TV Patrol.

But nonetheless, the place looks just as lovely on off-peak simply because you won’t have a hard time taking the best SOLO photos or ones with your friends. On its peak, you will have a bunch of photobombers with you! Probably like this one thanks to simplygilian.blogspot.com:


Here are some of the best photos we’ve taken using iPhone 6, a DSLR camera, and a GoPro. Take note that we have decided not to intensively edit the photos (most of them unedited actually) so you can see the raw flower beauty. What you see here is what you will see there for real!




Find the best angles, and you’ll end up with these cool shots!






There’s also this cute windmill in there they call the area “Little Amsterdam”. Soon, that particular area will rise a different breed of flowers where seeds are brought from Amsterdam! That’s one to watch out for in the -Ber months.




Then, you can complete your Sirao experience by getting some cool memorabilia, a cold cup of Buko Salad Juice (we liked it a lot!), or a sweet corn on stick available on the souvenir store downstairs.


Overall, it was quite an amazing experience. John already had his share of an TULIPS farm shoot when he traveled in Canada, and THIS, is our own cute version of it! Pay a visit soon, we’ll be back once the flowers are in full bloom! Pit Senyor!

Visit San Remigio Before Bantayan Island In Cebu! Here’s Why.

Every year, John spends his Holy Week paying respect to their family Saint image, Saint Mary Magdalene. This year, I was give a chance to come with him to observe the week together with his relatives.


It was our main plan to come to Bantayan Island after celebrating Easter Sunday. We are all aware that during Holy Week, Bantayan Island is expected to draw huge crowd from different cities and provinces, spending silent moments with family and friends compared to the party-driven beaches of Puerto Galera and Boracay during the same week.

But before you even take that ferry ride to Bantayan, have you noticed that there’s an unspoiled beach shore on your left? That’s San Remigio!

And here’s all that you need to know for you to pack your bags and go:

1. San Remigio has the longest shoreline of any municipality in Cebu. There are several beach resorts, as well as public beaches with long stretches of white sand. I myself thought that it came as a huge surprise. Take a look at these photos and you might easily think we’re already in Bantayan, but we’re not.


2. San Remigio is your gateway to Bantayan Island. The port of Hagnaya offers a frequent ferry service to Bantayan Island. The next time we go to Bantayan together, I’ll make sure to spend an overnight here first for a quick unwind. The abundant coconut trees makes it a beautiful, unspoiled beach environment. Plus, you can even light up a bonfire almost everywhere! How cool is that!

Take a look at this map so you can easily identify where San Remigio is:

3. Travel here on off-peak season and you’re in for a very serene experience. You might find the beach waters super clear. But if you want a stress-free, silent and relaxing vacation, come to SanRem preferably on Mondays – Thursdays of the Holy Week, never Friday to Sunday. Or better yet, on off-peak season, or else you’re in for a very sociable crowd. Look.


4. Expensive exotic seafood is extremely cheap in San Remigio! And it’s a big plus for me as a seafood lover. Few days ago, I was able to try out that shell meat in Cebu City. They said it costs only around P10 – P15 each in SanRem! Also, their version of halaan (clam) is freakin’ huge I saw one as large as my fist for the first time here!


5. San Remigio beach resorts offers the same experience you’d want on any other beaches. Island hopping, snorkeling, sports games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, and even golf! During our stay, we even found a “bakal” gym where you can pump yourself up before drenching yourself for just… TEN PESOS! Amazing!

6. Cap the day with a remarkable view of the sunset. SanRem beach is also facing center east, similar to Boracay. So expect a great sunset view in the afternoon!


How To Go To San Remigio From Cebu City

Catch a bus from the North Bus Terminal heading to Hagnaya. It will roughly cost you around P120.00. The trip will take an average of 2-4 hours. This bus will pass by San Remigio before Hagnaya.

Ready to spend a vacation in San Remigio? Here’s a quick guide to the resorts where you can book for a night or two before making your way to Bantayan:

Where To Stay in San Remigio

Casa del Mar Golf & Dive Hotel
-Bancasan, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel. Nos. (63-32)435-2222 & 435-2225
-Website: www.casadelmar-golfresort.com
-E-mail Address: verdemar@mozcom.com

Elegant Beach Resort
-Anapog, San Remigio, Cebu
-(63-32) 254-1601 or 412-4928

San Remigio Beach Club
-Tambongon, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel Nos. (63-32) 435-2030 & 435-2119
-Website: www.sanremigiobeachclub.com.ph

Warren Beach Resort
-Punta, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel. No. (63-32) 435-9111
-Website: www.warrensbeach.com

Hard Rock Resort
-Victoria, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel No. (63-32)412-2887
-Cell. No. 0927-9758636

Hagnaya Beach Resort (To be updated)

Cultural Center (To be updated)

So get going and pay a visit to Cebu’s longest shoreline soon. We promise it’ll be worth the long travel time.

P.S. This is where we took this “Beer Vaccum” shot, featured in some blogs this year! Make yours too!


Happy summer!