Hello from JJJ!

I’m so happy to blog quickly about the successful recovery of our old archives and their images from way back 2015! I know it’s not a lot, but it matters so much to us of course.

A little background: My VPS hosting got infected with a malware last 2017 that produced a random set of popups. So I had to redo the site and try to recover as much posts as possible. I was able to export them into an XML file for the posts however, I forgot to backup all the uploads folder, which contains all of the images!

Sad. I already moved on months after thinking that I still have those photos anyway on my drive. But it’s not the same when seeing them in this little diary of ours.

Then last week, I was trying to clean up my hosting and found out that the old infected folder’s uploads are still INTACT!

I was able to pullout the images and turned out they are not infected, now was able to transfer all of them here at the new site still under Our Travel Dates. Happy days ahead!

Although with the restrictions that we have right now, there is just no certainty on when are we going to travel again. So just a little gist: we’re preparing for it!

These past few months, we were both busy trying to be at our fittest! Doing a lot of home workouts (we still feel it’s not safe to go to the gym), counting our macros, and observing which method will work best for us. We’ve compiled a little list of 2021 fitness tips too to keep in our minds.

Hoping for better days soon so we can create more memories. But for now, let’s all stay safe and be mindful of our health. The pandemic is still happening.

Take care. Ciao!



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