We are very proud to present the launch of one of our new sites for this year!

These season of holidays, we have been very tired on making preparations, shopping for gifts, and cooking food. Sometimes all you wanted to do is just rest, or maybe get a massage. It was the perfect time that a new Philippine Spa directory and listing has been launched.


PhilSpas.com is a sister company of the number one spa directory that we had since 2010, Manila Touch. It was about time to launch another spa directory that will cater to all spas in the country. Manila Touch will now be dedicated for NCR spas alone.

Catering to different spa enthusiasts around the country, PhilSpas aims to cater to a more luxurious massage fans all around the city. We have already put on at least the first 20 spas and are targetting to put hundreds in the next coming months.


You can search for spas near your location, equipped with maps and complete information on each establishment. Check out this photo below. Looks like some sort of Pokeradar huh? Haha!


Try our PhilSpas.com today and start relaxing!


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