It was the perfect timing for us finally.

Last year, we’ve heard about this fuzz about a certain flower farm in Cebu that went viral because it looks amazing as if you’re not in the Philippines with all the beautiful, colorful flowers around.

We were ecstatic to look for the place and take pictures since we were Cebu-bound a few weeks in, But when we arrived there during the last week of November, the flowers were already gone and harvested. Awww…

We’ll be back. That’s for sure.

There was only one weapon left for us to find the perfect timing: constantly searching for #Sirao photos in Instagram and Facebook. And when John’s niece was found in one of those with photos taken just a few hours ago, we’ve decided to finally give it another go. Oh, and we are here in Cebu already for Sinulog that’s why. (Read: Sinulog Party Tips and Survival Guide 2016)

How to get there (if you are commuting): You have two options if you’re coming from the city. The first one is to take a jeep or a cab to JY Square located at the end of Salinas drive in Lahug. Your easiest landmark is McDonald’s. The habal-habal drivers will drive you there at around P150.00 for a round trip (JY – Sirao – JY) . But you have to take note, the drivers will charge you somewhere between P100-P200 per hour of waiting for you. Compute that and you might pay around P350-P550 per person. Another option is to find a cab at JY Square. This is a bit tougher because we had to convince the driver for a good contract price (all the driving up and waiting), and we ended up spending P1,200, but that’s for everyone already.

On the other hand, if you or your friends are driving, it won’t be as tricky anymore as last year because now you will be able to find banners around Busay leading you to the farm. But in case you’re having a hard time:


Upon arriving at the place, it did not seem to look as how it was on the photos that we saw. Good thing the owner of the place was there when we went there so we can get her share of the story. Take a look at the garden view from the entrance.


Note: There’s a maintenance / entrance fee of only P30.00 per person. But if you are doing a prenup shoot, each person / crew will cost you P200.00.

Look at all those flowers on the right! The owner told us that if you come to this place at the peak season (set around either April – May, and October – November), you will find the ENTIRE place bombarded with almost human-sized flower plants! Those are the ones that captivated the social media and even TV Patrol.

But nonetheless, the place looks just as lovely on off-peak simply because you won’t have a hard time taking the best SOLO photos or ones with your friends. On its peak, you will have a bunch of photobombers with you! Probably like this one thanks to


Here are some of the best photos we’ve taken using iPhone 6, a DSLR camera, and a GoPro. Take note that we have decided not to intensively edit the photos (most of them unedited actually) so you can see the raw flower beauty. What you see here is what you will see there for real!




Find the best angles, and you’ll end up with these cool shots!






There’s also this cute windmill in there they call the area “Little Amsterdam”. Soon, that particular area will rise a different breed of flowers where seeds are brought from Amsterdam! That’s one to watch out for in the -Ber months.




Then, you can complete your Sirao experience by getting some cool memorabilia, a cold cup of Buko Salad Juice (we liked it a lot!), or a sweet corn on stick available on the souvenir store downstairs.


Overall, it was quite an amazing experience. John already had his share of an TULIPS farm shoot when he traveled in Canada, and THIS, is our own cute version of it! Pay a visit soon, we’ll be back once the flowers are in full bloom! Pit Senyor!


  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 We’ll be flying to Cebu tomorrow. Maybe we’ll visit this on March when it’s already in full bloom! Is this the only flower farm in Sirao/Busay?

    • Hi!
      This may be a late reply, but yeah. Busay is the famous Flower source of Cebu. You can find other Flower farms, not just in Sirao but whole Busay area.

  2. Thanks for the info and the pictures! You mentioned that the peak season is from April-May. Do you know if there are enough flowers this July?

  3. hi! we are planning to there March 19 are the flowers in sirao still in full bloom??
    Coz I will be bringing guests and I don’t want them to be disappointed. Please reply asap…

  4. Hi! Is it fine to visit the garden this November or December? I have plans of going there but if it is not that beautiful then I prefer not. Thanks.


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