Are you a WOLF or a FOX?

That big question pops out whenever you come to this gastropub located in Two Parkade near Mango Tree and Starbucks Coffee in Bonifacio High Street. Wolf & Fox, derived from names Richard B. Wolf and William S. Fox, promises great bites and good company with its unique contemporary menu, fit for everyone… be a person of sophisticated palette, loving complex and modern flavors, or a creative health-wise artisan.

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So why Wolf and Fox? Simple. This pub which opened May 9 this year, offers 2 different kinds of menu. But for you to identify if you’re a Wolf or a Fox? Answer these questions first:

  1. Describe your dream home.
    1. A swanky penthouse condominium near the coolest hotspots in the city
    2. A rustic beach house where you can paint or write
  2. An ideal birthday or Christmas present for you is?
    1. A brand-new smartphone
    2. A personalized, leather-bound journal
  3. Congratulations! You just won tickets to London with tickets to a musical performance of your choice. Which one are you most likely to choose?
    1. The London Philharmonic Orchestra
    2. Miss Saigon
  4. If someone were to give you a huge amount of money, what would you do with it?
    1. Invest in the stock market
    2. Travel to Europe
  5. Which one of these sounds more appetizing to you?
    1. A big juicy steak with a red wine reduction sauce
    2. A salad of farm-fresh vegetables

If you answered mostly 1, you are Richard B. Wolf. Ambitious and driven, you are a natural-born hunter always going for the kill, whether in the boardroom or in jetting off to the hottest destinations on earth. You are one to appreciate the finer things in life, choosing to dress yourself in expensive suits and glittering jewels.

If you answered mostly 2, then you are William S. Fox. A sensitive soul, you prefer to let your bright ideas and wit do the talking. You find deep pleasure in following your passion, whether it is writing down the story you have in your head or putting up your own artisan bakery.

So what’s in being Wolf or Fox for me then?

The Wolf Menu — a mix of succulent steaks and juicy burgers, flatbread sandwiches, shrimp on the barbie, nachos, calamari, clam chowder, French onion soup… get the deal? Carnivores will ultimately love opening and browsing thru the choices in this menu fit for their rich flavor craving. Some of these are:

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (2)A Pound of Wings – unique-tasting, flavorful chicken. Don’t forget to put Bleu Cheese for a satisfying wing bite. This is both our favorite among the rest that we ate. Tastes so much similar to a buffalo wing mixed with our favorite Mongolian spicy olive oil mix. Definitely the one we’ll surely order the next time we eat here!

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (8)Shrimp & Pepper Flat Bread – crispy, full-bodied shrimp flavor in every bite. Loved the vast amount of mozzarella in here, plus the shrimp is a big plus. I’m a shrimp lover remember?

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (6)All-Meat Flat Bread – meat lovers, prepare to be delighted in this zesty italian treat. I always order meat lovers in every pizza chain I order, and this one pretty much is a bit ordinary tasting for both of us.

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (3)Fish & Chips – a not-so-ordinary type of seafood treat that’s crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, guaranteed. I think we took a quarter of this plate! And mind the potatoes, eat it hot!

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (7)Paella Madrileno – A dish that came as a surprise for me. Remember to take a big bite to enjoy its full tangy taste. Made to bring your tasty palette to a roller coaster ride, in a good way! It was so good I was the last man standing trying to empty this savory plate!

The Fox Menu — get the creative tasty dishes in this more of down-to-earth version. What’s in it for you? beer-brined mussels, a pound of wings, Caesar salad, hefty farmhouse sandwiches, pot roast chicken, fish pie, burbon ribs. We we’re given a chance to try the following and here’s our joined verdict:

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (9)Classic Style Pub Nachos – Love the different kind of nacho taste in this one. I could’ve wished for a little bit more salsa and meat, but otherwise a smooth starter for us.

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (4)Mini Brioche Burger – We honestly cannot spell this one the first time we heard it haha! These bite-sized burgers should not be underestimated. They’re packed with a taste bomb that will make you ask for more.

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (5)Seafood in Evoo – I love Italian food but we find this a little bit saltier than ordinary. Maybe because I’ve already eaten a lot of shrimp and pepper flat bread? But the serving is just enough to keep your palette supercharged for the next meal.

sumosam-wolf-and-fox-bgc-taguig-gastropub-image  (10)Eton Mess – The perfect finale for a tasty ride! Dive in this mouthwatering dessert that we find so balanced with the meringue and a not-so-sweet strawberry cream, once you start, you can’t stop! I can seriously finish this in less than 2 minutes!

Aside from these mouthwatering choice, Wolf & Fox also offers signature cocktails such as Billionaire’s Margarita (we yet have to try this!), Absolut Stress, Long Beach City, Miami Vice (that sounds tempting!), Midori Daiquiri, and a whole lot more.

Wolf & Fox is located at G/F, Two Parkade, 7th Ave cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, visit Wolf & Fox Facebook Page, or follow @wolfandfoxph on Twitter.


We would like to thank Andrei, Khaezel, and the team of Wolf & Fox, Elaine and the rest of Zomato Philippines team for giving us a chance to experience this amazing foodie ride with Wolf & Fox. Follow @Zomato on Twitter and Instagram! App available for download on iOS and Google Play.



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