What a wonderful birthday treat it was for us!

Popular with the 4-star hotel accomodation and its unique water spa, Ace Hotel & Suites brings you another exciting experience! We were given a chance to try their 8-course sit-down dinner at exactly my birthday, October 15!





But before you check out the palate feast Sky Garden could offer, allow us to give you a quick brief about this newest romantic getaway venue. Sky Garden, located at the 8th floor of Ace Hotel & Suites, home to the unique one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy spa in the country Ace Water Spa, is the original venue of a hearty buffet breakfast in the morning, which becomes non-operational in the evening. But now, it has transformed to become your hearty dinner place in the evening. Other than Sky Garden, Ace also has the following establishments inside: Ace Buffet, Ace Coffee Lounge, Party! Party! Family KTV, and the Sky High Bar.


Now what’s in it for you at the Sky Garden?

Simple. Get ready to have your discerning palates tickled. Soon as we get to our tables, we get to choose between red or sparkling wine, and the first course is served:

Start with Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto.


If you think that is the appetizer, wait until you try the unique combination of Shrimp and Curry! It was soooo good I just wanted to figure out how I could make one so we can always have a taste of it at home!


To warm us through the night, we chose to have different soups for each. I got the all -time favorite Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot Soup, while John chose the lighter, clear Seafood Consomme. My choice of soup is kind of ordinary, but I guess the tasty ride has only started and just setting up our palate for something big.



Then it was followed with probably one of our favorites in this dining set meal, the Fresh Salad drizzled with Red Wine Vinaigrette! Can someone teach us how to make that dressing please? I love how the Bleu Cheese and the traces of nuts jived in this mouthwatering salad.


Before the main course, our palate was cleansed for preparation with the Lime Sherbet with Aloe Vera Juice. After which, we were given the following options for the “big one”.

  1. Rib-eye Steak served with Sauteed Arugula and Mashed Potato
  2. Corniche Chicken with Organic Wild Rice Pilaf
  3. Pan-Grilled U.S. Porkloin with Sauteed Diced Potatoes
  4. Prawn with Salted Kerring Pasta
  5. Chilean Seafood Risotto

But I wanted something to match my Cabernet Sauvignon, so I chose the first one. Here ya go. And John chose Porkloin:



I honestly am not a food critic. Whatever I could eat, I eat. And this rib-eye steak is just too good, it melts in your mouth! It’s moist, tender, and the juicy pink center makes you want some more. But no need to worry, the serving is just right to fill out your gastro-cravings.

But of course, a dinner as special as this would not be complete without a sweet ending. There were three choices in the Sky Garden menu:

  1. Molten Lava Cake ala Mode
  2. Creme Brulee
  3. Tiramisu

I got the Molten Lava, John got the Tiramisu:



And you can even match this with a cup of coffee, or a fruit / herb-infused tea. All of these for just P1,299 net per person? Not bad!


But wait! Make sure you drop by these dates: October 18 up to November 30, 2014 and enjoy this amazing fine dining experience a a special discounted rate of only P899.00 net per person. That’s around P1,798.00+ if you’re planning to bring your partner for a special dinner evening! You’ve got to try this out not only because of good food, but also the warm treatment of all the staff and chef will make this experience truly memorable for you and your loved one, just like how it has become for me and John as we celebrate our birthday-in-one. Thank you Ace Hotel & Suites, especially to Ms. Twinkle.

Sky Garden is open Tuesdays thru Sundays 6:00PM – 11:00PM, located at 8th Floor, Ace Hotel & Suites, United St. cor. Brixton St., near Pioneer, Pasig City 1603. For reservations and other inquiries, call (02)628-1888 or visit their official website at www.acehotelsuites.com.


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