Every year, John spends his Holy Week paying respect to their family Saint image, Saint Mary Magdalene. This year, I was give a chance to come with him to observe the week together with his relatives.


It was our main plan to come to Bantayan Island after celebrating Easter Sunday. We are all aware that during Holy Week, Bantayan Island is expected to draw huge crowd from different cities and provinces, spending silent moments with family and friends compared to the party-driven beaches of Puerto Galera and Boracay during the same week.

But before you even take that ferry ride to Bantayan, have you noticed that there’s an unspoiled beach shore on your left? That’s San Remigio!

And here’s all that you need to know for you to pack your bags and go:

1. San Remigio has the longest shoreline of any municipality in Cebu. There are several beach resorts, as well as public beaches with long stretches of white sand. I myself thought that it came as a huge surprise. Take a look at these photos and you might easily think we’re already in Bantayan, but we’re not.


2. San Remigio is your gateway to Bantayan Island. The port of Hagnaya offers a frequent ferry service to Bantayan Island. The next time we go to Bantayan together, I’ll make sure to spend an overnight here first for a quick unwind. The abundant coconut trees makes it a beautiful, unspoiled beach environment. Plus, you can even light up a bonfire almost everywhere! How cool is that!

Take a look at this map so you can easily identify where San Remigio is:

3. Travel here on off-peak season and you’re in for a very serene experience. You might find the beach waters super clear. But if you want a stress-free, silent and relaxing vacation, come to SanRem preferably on Mondays – Thursdays of the Holy Week, never Friday to Sunday. Or better yet, on off-peak season, or else you’re in for a very sociable crowd. Look.


4. Expensive exotic seafood is extremely cheap in San Remigio! And it’s a big plus for me as a seafood lover. Few days ago, I was able to try out that shell meat in Cebu City. They said it costs only around P10 – P15 each in SanRem! Also, their version of halaan (clam) is freakin’ huge I saw one as large as my fist for the first time here!


5. San Remigio beach resorts offers the same experience you’d want on any other beaches. Island hopping, snorkeling, sports games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, and even golf! During our stay, we even found a “bakal” gym where you can pump yourself up before drenching yourself for just… TEN PESOS! Amazing!

6. Cap the day with a remarkable view of the sunset. SanRem beach is also facing center east, similar to Boracay. So expect a great sunset view in the afternoon!


How To Go To San Remigio From Cebu City

Catch a bus from the North Bus Terminal heading to Hagnaya. It will roughly cost you around P120.00. The trip will take an average of 2-4 hours. This bus will pass by San Remigio before Hagnaya.

Ready to spend a vacation in San Remigio? Here’s a quick guide to the resorts where you can book for a night or two before making your way to Bantayan:

Where To Stay in San Remigio

Casa del Mar Golf & Dive Hotel
-Bancasan, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel. Nos. (63-32)435-2222 & 435-2225
-Website: www.casadelmar-golfresort.com
-E-mail Address: verdemar@mozcom.com

Elegant Beach Resort
-Anapog, San Remigio, Cebu
-(63-32) 254-1601 or 412-4928

San Remigio Beach Club
-Tambongon, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel Nos. (63-32) 435-2030 & 435-2119
-Website: www.sanremigiobeachclub.com.ph

Warren Beach Resort
-Punta, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel. No. (63-32) 435-9111
-Website: www.warrensbeach.com

Hard Rock Resort
-Victoria, San Remigio, Cebu
-Tel No. (63-32)412-2887
-Cell. No. 0927-9758636

Hagnaya Beach Resort (To be updated)

Cultural Center (To be updated)

So get going and pay a visit to Cebu’s longest shoreline soon. We promise it’ll be worth the long travel time.

P.S. This is where we took this “Beer Vaccum” shot, featured in some blogs this year! Make yours too!


Happy summer!


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