San Juan has been popular the past few year for being one of the restaurant-friendly location in Metro Manila. Home to different culinary goodness especially in Wilson Street, another promising buffet-cafe approach has opened.


7 Flavors, located at Addition Hills in San Juan introduces you to another exciting 7th flavor infused with flavors and Asian fusion food inspired by Chef Boy Logro! Wondering what 7 Flavors are to entice your hungry tummy? Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Umami, Spicy and Astringent.


As you enter, it’s Chef Boy Logro!


Ground Floor: The “Cafe” area, where you can order an exciting dessert or drinks. Perfect place to stop by before or after the buffet upstairs.

Downstairs you can get to choose from a wide selection of hot coffees, hot teas, iced and blended concoctions, chilled tea lattes, milkshakes, and even Italian sodas!


Butterbeer Milkshake


Smores Milkshake


Today’s available cafe desserts


The signature 7 Flavors Chessecake, available for only P120.00 per slice


An enticing boardful of handcrafted creations for your drinking and dessert needs


With dear co-bloggers shaking things up with a milkshake-fie


Here’s my take!


From the cafe downstairs and the bakery outside comes the Filipino favorite kind of meal: an Asian fusion buffet on the 2nd floor!


On a quick glance of every food that is available here, all I can say is that the mixed Asian flavors of the entrees are the perfect “beer match”. While alcoholic drinks are not “yet” served in this restaurant, the meals are something you’ll both find as a delectable lunch set, and something you’d want to keep munching with an alcohol shot. Check out this list of buffet food available during the time we get the chance to try it out. Take note of the ones highlighted in RED. They’re our favorites and the ones we can truly say a must-try in 7 Flavors!

  • Pumpkin Fritata
  • Fried Potato with Cheese & Bacon
  • Chicken Drumstick in Sticky Lemon Sauce
  • Buttered Vegatables
  • Malaysian Beef Rendang
  • Norwegian Meatballs
  • Korean Style Mafu Tofu
  • Beef Borguignon
  • Fried Fish with Tropical Fruits Salsa
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Buttered Chicken
  • Pork Bagnet with Fermented Shrimp
  • Garlic Green Beans
  • Bagoong Rice
  • Steamed Rice
  • Asian BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Shrimp Coconut Tempura
  • Chicken Wings in Buttered Spicy Sauce
  • Sweet Miso Fish


And of course, a good course of desserts are also available to perfectly finish a buffet dining experience with a happy tummy starting with the one above: Strawberry Chef Cup!


German Chocolate Bar


Lime and Tea Shots / Apple Caramel Crumble Shots


Mango Bar


Strawberry Italian Soda


More 7 Flavors Chessecakes, the perfect finale to a mouthwatering buffet rollercoaster!



And of course the big ender to a tasty meal, the signature 7 Flavors Ensaymada. See the Pandan and Ube in there? Truly mouthwatering.

Our Verdict:

Soon as we enter the premises, the establishment promises to bring you a “straight from home” meal goodness as the location obviously was a refurbishment of a comfortable house. While the interiors aren’t as complete during our visit, it’s easy to say that a combination of a coffee shop and a buffet restaurant is something you’d love to look forward to. Access to this place is easy: walk back towards Wilson St. once you arrive at McDonald’s Addition Hills.

The buffet is definitely the leader of the pack. I’m not a drinker but the food really seemed like a mug of beer is a-must. Also, the available food may not be truly comparable to that of the huge buffet restaurants available, but the real family-cooking goodness will give you that inviting signal to try out a somehow stretched selections.

Are We Going Back:

Yes! We have yet to try the rest of the milkshakes. Plus, the 7 Flavors Ensaymada is something we’d love to bring home.

Step inside and experience a different kind of comfort meal goodness open 11:00am-2:00pm during lunch, and 6:00pm-10:00pmfor dinner at 7 Flavors!



7Flavors Cafe & Restaurant is located at 196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan, Philippines. For reservations, call (02)543-0325. You may also check 7 Flavors Facebook Page for updates.


We’d like to personally thank Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo of Life Is Kulayful for giving us the chance to experience a buffet and desserts extravaganza the 7 Flavors way. 🙂


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