The rooms at night.

The very first inn we have stayed in Puerto Princesa, and it never failed us.

It was both our first time to travel to Puerto Princesa (dated September 5-8, 2014) and we were one week away from the actual travel vacation. But we still haven’t booked on any hotels / inn due to busyness. So we decided to search for a good deal instead at various online deal sites, and found this very interesting place to stay.

Villa Manuel Tourist Inn, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Villa Manuel, Tourist Inn is an 8-room inn situated between Robinson’s Palawan and Honda Bay. So if you’re up for the island tour I think this is a great accommodation to book onto. Just a few walk and the road will lead you in front of Ka Inato, one of the three K’s of Palawan restaurants. You are also around 5 minutes away from Robinson’s through a trike.

What we really love about this place besides the peaceful silence, is the pool! It’s nice to have one especially because we thought we’ll have a staycation instead due to the bad weather. But thankfully God gave us good weather in time for Honda Bay Tour and Dos Palmas. The pool was great and always well-maintained.

The pool at night, soloed it!

The inn is situated in a very quiet location. It was just me and John that time, nobody else was booked because it’s off-peak. So all we needed to do, is pray everyday for a good weather, and it will become one of your most quiet, relaxing vacation ever.

The rooms at night.

And finally, I love staying in a hotel or an in with a very friendly, accommodating staff. During the entire vacation, from the moment we arrived until the minute we left, Ate Cy and Ate Che is always there to provide us with whatever we needed. They booked our Dos Palmas daytour (and paid it in advance!), they always serve breakfast on time, and they are always available to talk to if you want to know anything about Puerto Princesa, and where you could go best at a particular time. Around 70% of our daily itinerary came from their suggestions because we think it is always the people who lives there that knows almost everything. Love them both!

Ate Cy, one of the most accomodating person you’ll meet in PPS!

Ate Che too!

Personally, I think the only drawbacks you will encounter are the lack of internet access on the rooms. They have a router at the lobby so all you need to do is stay there whenever it’s time to upload. And the other one would be the payment. Make sure you have enough cash because at the moment, they do not accept credit cards, and foreign currencies.

The relaxation you wanted in an island is here!

 Overall, our final rating for this inn, is 7 out of 10 stars. I wonder how this inn fares during peak season, but one things’s for sure… we’ll definitely come back!

Check out the rest of the hotel photos here courtesy of Villa Manuel Facebook Page:

Villa Manuel is located at Sea Road IV, Barangay San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City, 5300, Palawan. For reservations, contact Che or Cy at (048) 434 1778, or you may check for the best deals for this inn.



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