Follow our journey in pictures of this one-of-a-kind animal & plant sanctuary in the south!

We’ve always wanted to go to a zoo since we haven’t been to one, together. Thanks to Zoomanity, we were given a chance to have our travel date in two of the most fun zoos in Tagaytay / Mendez.

Yes. Two. And we’re not complaining!

Due to a huge bunch of photos we took there (there’s a reason why it was way lots), we’re cutting this experience into two parts. For now, let’s talk about the Paradizoo and it’s “Power of Three” harvest, flower, and agri-farm event.

From Makati, traveling to Paradizoo Tagaytay will take you around 2-3 hours, 2 if you’re coming on a fair weekday and 3+ if you’re climbing up Tagaytay on a weekend.


Few seconds and you’re off to an amazing animal and plant sanctuary


This huge guy gave us a warm welcome


And these guys too!


Chill for a few minutes as you prepare your gadgets, plus take the orientation here

Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and even group outing (team building) programs. It is a fascinating paradise that showcases the beauty of flora and fauna. Have a taste of this magnificent theme farm with its latest attractions. Take a look at the photos we took as we roam around this beauty!


Check out these amazing flowers at the start of your tour


These mini-horses are so cute you can even ride on it! Just kids though.


The first time I ever got this close to an ostrich! I swear their feet is soooo Jurassic!


They’re special! These two were born during Papal’s arrival!


You wouldn’t notice it at first, but this cow has 5 legs!


Get that desert feel by being close to this camel


And more more farm-frenzy to look forward to…


Just like these picture-perfect meeeeehheeeh!

There’s definitely more to these iya-iya-yoohs. First to mention is the Flower Farm, where you can take all the selfies and groupies you want. The irresistable flower sanctuary will make you turn on that camera app and keep a memory of this huge garden you’ll surely appreciate.







See? This garden deserves a groupie!

Another attraction here is the small Pet Cemetery. But John doesn’t want to stay there and take photos simply because it makes him feel depressed.


Situated next to the Perpetual Park is the Butterflies’ Blooms, where you can easily touch and play with the gorgeous butterflies in different shapes, colors, and sizes.



Stare at these butterfly Larvae and Pupae. I’ve seen this much for the first time here.


Look, Ma. I got one!


Up next is the Honey House, where you can take a closer look at the honey bees producing that sweet syrup.



And then in front of the Honey House is the Eclectic Garden, the combined herb, plants, vegetables, and flower haven.



A combination of pineapple, a plant, and a beautiful creature. So eclectic.


ZOMG! A wedding garden! It’s about time?


Nah. We were taught instead how to make a pineapple jam. Not what we expected haha!

Oh, and if you want to experience it yourself, Pineapple Jamming only costs P90. Plus, you get to take home all that you’ve cooked!


Before we headed back home, John wanted to take home some Paradizoo goodness.


There’s a huge selection of plants, flowers, and herbs for sale


And he got these for less than P200!


Complete your tour by dropping by the souvenir shop

The tour took at an estimate of half-day. Arrived at the venue around 11AM, we finished at roughly 3PM. Now as part of sharing our tour, here’s some tips if you want to experience the awesome agri-journey here at Paradizoo:

  1. Bring jacket. While Tagaytay is a bit far from Mendez, expect cool breeze. Keep a jacket handy just in case.
  2. Bring a power bank. Lots of sightseeing means lots of pictures. Our phones did not survive without one. So bring one to make sure you can keep pictures of each and everything that you see here.
  3. Keep a water bottle. It may become super warm or super cold. Keep yourself hydrated as the tour course is a little bit uphill.
  4. Plants are the best souvenirs. And yes maybe we’re biased, but surely those plants won’t cost that cheap when you get it in the city. Be mindful though, you’re in a cold cold place and some of the plants won’t survive the city heat. Better ask the farmers with what’s best to bring home.

Overall, Paradizoo will bring you to a one-of-a-kind Farmville-style ride. While we must say that this attraction is at its best on your very first visit, we are sure Paradizoo is definitely staying to provide us with a bunch of surprises soon!


What an experience! Our Travel Dates approves!

Stay tuned for the Part 2 of this Zoomanity tour. Up Next: Tagaytay Residence Inn!


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