Christina Perri Live in Manila Head or Heart Tour Experience — She wanted to come here since “Jar of Hearts” days, and yesterday, one of her wishes just came true.

I was given a huge chance to listen to an international singer so dear to me. I am a big fan of Christina Perri since the “Jar of Hearts” days. “Distance” and “Arms” are my other favorites in her album Lovestrong before Head or Heart.

And she performed all of them during her concert here in Manila. *tears*

Last March 5, Perri performed for the first time in Manila. She said she wanted to come to Manila 5 years ago. It was a surreal moment for me since I was given this…


I am literally a few steps from my idol behind the Filipino wedding favorite song 2013-2014, A Thousand Years. A very intimate crowd awaited her step up the stage.


And there she goes! Everyone’s eyes on her, listening to her angelic voice in every song.

Christina started the set with lively songs “A Shot in the Heart”, and one of my favorites from her prvious album, “Arms” and “Distance”. She sounded so good, so good I thought it was a good decision that I brought a hanky with me in case tears fall down lol.


OMG She glanced at my camera! Yiiaaayy!

She then sings back-to-back from her two albums with “Burning Gold” and “The Words”. Few minutes after, she requested everyone to light up their phone’s flashlights. Much to our surprise, she sang a good bit of Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars”, and it was such an amazing moment.


We made the dome look like a sky full of stars!


And that fine moment came! The song everyone was waiting for in this concert. A Thousand Years started as a surprise. We actually thought it’ll be her last song (no cheating, we didn’t take a quick glance on her Asia setlist!). She looked so cute she was doing Waltz all throughout the song.


After singing a couple more songs, she started with a clue on her next performance, that whenever she feels stucked, in her experience, only self-forgiveness will make her feel un-stucked… “Human”. I.Cried.A.Lot. I was hiding from my friend haha!

Afterwards, she temporarily left the stage and came back singing an amazing hit from ED SHEERAN!

Yes. It’s Thinking Out Loud! The crowd went nuts!

And then during the “Penguin“ song, she asked the audience to take selfies with her on the background – and the best one would be reposted by her on IG. And so we did!

2015-03-05 22.01.26

After the #HeadorHeartTourAsia #selfie moment, Perri sang the song that’s worth a thousand words, the song that changed her life completely. It’s the Jar of Hearts!

Perri then ends her concert with a lively “I Don’t Wanna Break”, a song from her latest album.

Please come back soon dear!

For those who missed it, here’s the complete #HeadOrHeartTour Manila setlist:

  • Shot Me In The Heart
  • Arms
  • Distance
  • Burning Gold
  • The Words
  • Lollipop (The Chordettes cover)
  • Lonely Child
  • A Thousand Years
  • Be My Forever
  • A Sky Full Of Stars (Coldplay cover)
  • One Night
  • Human
  • I Believe
  • Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran cover)
  • Penguin
  • Jar Of Hearts
  • I Don’t Wanna Break

Our sincerest gratitude to Midas Philippines! Thank you so much my dear friend Melanie for giving me a chance to hear one of my favorite singers live! Also a shoutout for one of my respected blogger Mc Richard of LionHearTV, nice seeing you there! Credits to Crystal Mariano for the YouTube videos.


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