Tourism video for Philippines never gets any better than this!


The Department of Tourism has recently launched their newest campaign video filled with exciting bits about our very own country. Diving, trekking, and taking in the scenic route are just some of the many things to do in the Philippines not only this coming 2015, but in the coming years as well. See how the newest campaign ad highlighted almost everyone’s to-do list!

So don’t miss out on the fun, take a peek at what’s in store when you visit Philippines this 2015 and watch this video below. #VisitPH2015

Oh, and if you feel like travelling to the Philippines, TAKE THIS QUIZ:


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  1. Your video has a lot to be desired…First, it does not mention the specific places where the specific events are happening, as well as the dates of the events. How do you expect a foreign tourist to get enthusiastic when he doesn’t know where and when in the Philippines the events in your video are going to take place. Please naman….ayusin nyo naman and mga trabaho ninyo!

    • Am not in any way connected with the producers of this AVP but may i just say that this video is a teaser video meant to attract foreigners, balikbayans and local tourists alike ..No need to put all the details in there. This is pretty much like a preview or a teaser to a new Full Length movie.Merely to drum up interests and to inform viewers of this new attraction. If you happen to see the promo videos of India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc… they would always just feature the salient point of interests and images of their country enough for me to pack my luggage and head off to that place in my next vacay destination. As far as details i can always ask queries from their tourism or airline office.- just my two cents but i can be wrong.


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