A Run Of Firsts: The Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 Experience

A running day of so many firsts! #SAF44 #Fallen44 #ConduraSkywayMarathon #RunForAHero

We were not as excited to do a run simply because my last run was more than a year ago, and John haven’t even ran for once.

But this turned out to be a big reason why we should.


The annual Condura Skyway Marathon is definitely one of the much-awaited race of the year. Last year, the Run for the Mangroves was cancelled due the to emergency situation of Yolanda typhoon. The organizers chose to use their budgets and efforts for helping the victims. This year, Condura honors Hero Foundation. Since 1988, Hero Foundation has been sending children of fallen soldiers to school. Now, the event went more significant due to the 44 SAF soldiers who have fallen on Mamasapano.

But why do people choose to attend this event every year?

  • You get to actually walk and run on the Skyway itself, something that you can only do when you’re in this event!
  • The feeling of running on a straight race track and the amplified wind because of the elevation makes it super comfortable to run.
  • The memorabilia for being a finisher is superb. Finisher’s medal in a typical event is only attainable when you run half or full marathon only. But with Skyway Marathon, even the 6K and 10K finishers get to receive a finisher’s medal!

Pre-Race Preparations

What preparation? LOL! Our race preparation is simple:


Tadaa!! Memorial plan. Leche.

We were super paranoid because we barely had preparations, and we were just messing around the treadmill and elliptical machines 2 days before the run, that we didn’t even last for 30 minutes on a very low intensity. So we had to arrange a memorial plan! If you think we’re just kidding, look at the date! Haha!

Also, we almost attended a birthday celebration that is composed of a huge pool of drinks 8 hours prior to this event, but luckily we were able to skip it unintentionally. At least we had around 5 hours of sleep. 5 hours. So much for getting ready for our first run of the year, first run together. Tawa na lang!

During The Race

We woke up at exactly 3AM, 2 hours before the 10KM gun start. We weren’t even trying to hurry up. Just eating a bunch of Lacatan bananas while prepping up.

We were lucky to arrive at the runner’s village as early as 4AM thanks to the taxi driver who had to ask for an additional P100 because walang pasahero pabalik. K.


We were on Wave C. Each wave starts in an interval estimate of 4-5 minutes per wave. After all the stretching, firework-watching, and repeatedly singing to this run’s LSS theme, “Heroes” by Alesso, it’s time to run!

The Huge Feels

Minutes before the 10K waves started, we were instructed to give a long salute and take a look to our left. Soon as we crossed the starting line, the feels started rushing…

2015-condura-skyway-pnp-saf-start-line2 2015-condura-skyway-pnp-saf-start-lineCredits to: Dante Peralta of SPIN.PH

Those are the PNP Special Action Force standing at attention along the tunnel leading to the Skyway ramp and holding the photos with names of the Fallen 44. After passing through, it made us realize that this run should be a no-match against the sacrifices these heroes made for our country. It was the perfect starting push for this 10-kilometer journey.


The complete photos of the Fallen 44 being held by their brothers during CSM2015: Run for a Hero

The Race Continues

This was our first time to run together, and we were both pacing each other, so we were just about to make a benchmark to beat on our 10K run. During the first half of the run, we have both managed to run continuously.

Until the 5th kilometer mark.

I wanted to pull away from John’s pace because my feet started hurting and my legs are starting to feel the pain. He stayed with me (Yiii!). The walk-run-walk-run episode started. Thanks to the 10K route, the 2nd half is mostly downhill so there’s a minimal need for acceleration that you can even jog in place and still move forward.

In the end, we were both smiling on the last 250 meters and just dashing forward all the way to the finish line, knowing that we both did the unimaginable. Even without much practice, we survived 10K with an estimated time of 1:24:00! It definitely isn’t a good run to think compared to the standard 10K runners, but yeah, we still finished. That’s all that matters for now!

Post-Race Kemerat

As expected, the runner’s village becomes the big concert area after the run. We got our share of the replenishments. Overall, it was a fun and inspiring experience. The pleasure is definitely ours for running in honor of our fallen heroes especially the #SAF44. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my partner for surviving his first 10K run, first running event, and his first medal too! Yey! Let’s make sure we run 21K next year okay?



John’s first finisher’s medal! Yay! Cheers to more.

Plus, we were able to take a photo with some of the guys from the Philippine Navy too! We missed the PNP-SAF troops.


Congratulations to all finishers! See you again next year!

About the Condura Skyway Marathon

The Condura Skyway Marathon is an annual running event open to amateur and professional runners. From its simple beginnings in 2007 as a short-distance Condura Run race event in Metro Manila, the Condura Skyway Marathon has grown to be one of the biggest, premier running event in the country attracting more than ten thousand runners across the country who are interested to have a Skyway running experience.

The Skyway Marathon 2015: Run for a Hero is organized by Condura and RunRio. For more information and updates, visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/conduraskywaymarathon

Japanese Goodness Made Modern At The 5th Taste

Japanese fusion never tasted super good… well, for a first timer!

We came here with some Zoman friends last night for the first time. We were greeted and seated as soon as we came in. We really like the decor and the ambiance of this restaurant. It looks very trendy and modern. Oh, and we were talking about Tama Yaki just yet, which is a Milk Tea / Takoyaki house managed by the 5th Taste owner too. Take a look!





Once you’ve stepped up the 2nd floor, you get to feel the transformation from a bubbly, fun-looking tea house, to a sophisticated restaurant. You may easily think the venue can be available for private events. Yes, this 60-seater restaurant can be closed for your future birthday celebrations!




We were given a chance to start our dinner meal with Tama Yaki’s signature Takoyaki! We missed seeing those Katsuobushi toppings which is dried bonito flakes for quite some time (I think the last time I saw it was last year haha! At Karate Kid). They seem to move which makes it a little bit creepy. But of course it’s not alive! They’re just too light it moves from the heat and steam of your fresh Takoyaki serving!


For a fusion restaurant, this place does not skimp on portion sizes. In fact, everything is affordable! Our meal started with this Deconstructed Miso Soup. Deconstructed? It’s simply the soup separated from its other ingredients: tofu, onion chives and pork floss.


Which means you’ll get the chance to actually mix the soup with the amount you want, yourself!


This miso soup was almost perfectly made. The pork floss twist did it for us.

Now a perfect follow-up would be another starter that’s crispy on the outside, and deliciously soft on the inside, the Tofu Steak! The tofu goodness feels like it’s actually a tofu filling inside, a sure hit for John. Don’t forget to munch in these reasonable pieces right after serving to maximize the crispy bite experience. Also, make sure you make that bite worthy by topping it with the shoestring potatoes!


And now for the scene-stealer, my favorite so far… Kani Salad Pizza! I’m a huge fan of Kani Salad that I always order one whenever I’m at a Japanese resto, and this one is no different now, I’ll order this whenever I’m here from now on.


This mix of crispy crust with crabsticks (Kani), cucumber, carrot, mayo, and cheese came out as a surprise. I was actually assuming it would be messy to eat, but it wasn’t! The dish is probably one of those in the menu that lives up to the statement of “once you start, you just can’t stop”. Oh, and those red and green bits are Nori and Chili powder. Put a hint for some mixed pizza goodness.


Another surprise on the menu that’ll make you scratch your head at first is the 5th Taste Lasagna. But mind you, the Nori addition together with the Teriyaki bechamel on this traditional pasta layer with bolognese sauce and cheese is so flavorful. It certainly is the most flavor-packed pasta you’ll ever taste here. Add that spicy garlic bread bite, and have that unique Japasta meal after Japizza.


Sushi time!


Cali Maki Furai, the California Maki made crispy was good. Self-explanatory. Sort of difficult to mess that up. Our 3rd favorite here. I prefer sashimi over maki, but the crispy edit made us wanting for more (we actually almost finished that entire plate!)


Smoked Mackerel Maki is another dish to try. It’s that Tinapa goodness put into a Maki.

And then came the main entree of the night. Their twist for this dish was called out after nobody was able to guess that made it different from others.


Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu is fried Tonkatsu served with a special tonkatsu sauce and salad. The jalapeno sauce is so distinct I would stop munching on it not because I don’t like it, but I’m just not a big fan of spicy foods. This one is no exemption. A different story goes for John as he was able to finish a slice in less than half a minute.


In the end, we can proudly say that our dinner meal was superb! With the ample amount that we ate (look at the pictures, the servings were generous!), we ended up feeling full and fulfilled with our Japanese cravings that I all showed on your big-smiling faces!

our-travel-dates-zomato-the-5th-taste-san-juan-restaurant-review-image21The Zomans for Tama Yaki / The 5th Taste

How we finished the experience? A good Blueberry Milk Tea with a bunch of Yogurt Bubble Pops! Tummy happy!


After going here for the first time, we just can’t wait to come back! Thank you Zomato Philippines, especially Elaine for this recommendation. I think we’ll have our Octopus Takoyaki and Kani Salad Pizza cravings real soon! We love the idea that there’s a nearby Japanese restaurant who can really serve my Jafavorites, may it be twisted or pure authentic.


Here’s the complete 5Th Taste Menu. Prices and items are subject to change without prior notice, oki?


Tama Yaki / The 5th Taste is located at the 2nd floor of Tama Yaki, 453 P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila. For inquiries, call (02) 705 1856. You may also like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/5thTastePh.

Take The #VisitPH2015 Quiz & Win Valentines Dinner At The 5th Taste!

How about a Valentines dinner from us?

Valentines Day is fast approaching so we’d like to give someone the perfect treat, especially to the ones who loves Japanese food. So we’re giving away a dinner treat to a lucky winner who will take the Visit The Philippines 2015 Quiz, and will share it!


Instructions are simple:

  1. Like Our Travel Dates Facebook Page here:
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  3. Don’t forget to add hashtag #OurTravelDates on your Facebook status for your entry to be valid.
  4. You can join once per day. You may be able to share the results more than once, but only one (1) of them will be counted as an entry.

One (1) winner will receive P3,000.00 worth of Valentines dinner from The 5th Taste, located at Addition Hills, San Juan. The winner will be announced via our Facebook page on February 11, 2015! So hurry up.

Know more about the prize here: The 5th Taste in San Juan Restaurant Review

Good luck! Start below! Oh, and of course we can only take care of the dinner date, not the partner. 😉


One Bigger Dance: Sinulog 2015 Experience Part 1

We had a a blast! We hope you did too! Pit Senyor!


We’re writing this exactly a week after to briefly share with you how our 2015 edition of Sinulog experience went. This is the first time we’re writing our experience in this blog, and through this, we want you to be able to grab some ideas on how you will spend your Sinulog too! For those who haven’t been to this massive coloful event, the Sinulog Festival is an annual celebration in honor of Santo Nino de Cebu. This festival happens every third Sunday of January and is much-awaited not only by Cebuanos, but also people around the Philippines and even foreign tourists, too.

One big disclaimer first of all, we both chose the party schedule over the festive events. In the latter part of this story, you will be seeing more of the party photos over the festival ones so we’re taking all the non-party events leading up to the big Sunday here.

So, let’s start!

We arrived in Cebu January 10 for the sole reason that non-Sinulog-weekend tickets are way way cheaper than when you purchase the Thursday/Friday ones. Plus John lives there  so accommodation won’t be a problem. Another reason is, we haven’t watched last year’s Sinulog Carousel (the Sunday grand festival parade of all the contingents, floats, and other showcase of Cebu’s finests) and afraid we might not be able to do it again on Sinulog Sunday because we might be drunk on a Saturday night, and still get drunk early on Sunday. So we ended up watching the arena performance of Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan, It is the annual competition of elementary and secondary schools around Cebu dancing to Sinulog.

our-travel-dates-sinulog-2015-experience-cebu-image1Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan 2015 stage

Around 5 contingents get to advance to the Grand Sinulog parade, competing against the rest of the contingents coming from Masbate, Leyte, Samar, and Bukidnon. The show starts around 2PM, but I think we arrived late… it was 12noon and the Cebu City Sports Complex is almost full already with crowds cheering like we’re on a UAAP Cheerdance Competition! Here’s some of the photos we took during the competition proper:





And this is how the complex looked like if you’re on the performers’ POV:


Sadly, we weren’t able to watch until the end simple because we made a promise to attend the daily mass leading to the Sinulog weekend. We left the venue during the “Final Dance”, where all the contingents share the stage for one last dance before the announcement of the finalists. But before we left, we had to do this… picture taking time wearing our favorite Our Travel Dates shirt!



Apas National High School, one of our favorites who also bagged the top award.

There are a bunch of Sinulog pre-festival competitions too if you’d like to watch next year: Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan, and Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan. Always check the official schedule of activities as there are a lot of exciting Sinulog events to watch out like Sinulog Idol, Sinulog Dance Crew, Miss Cebu, Sinulog Festival Queen, and more.

Going back, we had to rush to Basilica de Sto. Nino to pay respect to the sole reason why Sinulog exists in the first place.


Such an amazing view.

Up next: SRP’s Carnival, Grand Procession and Solemn Mass, and Sinulog weekend parties! Watch out!

  • One Bigger Vision: Sinulog 2015 Experience Part 2 (COMING SOON)
  • One Bigger Beat: Sinulog 2015 Experience Part 3 (COMING SOON)

Planning to party hard this coming Sinulog? Remember to read our guide: Sinulog Festival Survival Guide for Party Junkies

OurTravelDates’ 63rd Miss Universe 2014 Final Picks & Predictions

Our final picks for the upcoming 63rd Miss Universe finals is here!

For some reasons, Missosology won’t let us post these predictions we’ve made. So instead, we’re posting it here.


We’ve taken the following into consideration and selected the Top 15 who might enter the semifinals: preliminary performance, overall body and facial beauty, possible Trump cards.


There are some candidates who ALMOST made the cut for us, but didn’t push through simply because this year is undeniably one of the most competitive year for Miss Universe, and much as we’d like to put them thru, only 15 of all those 88 gorgeous ladies will make the cut. Here are some of our early favorites who might steal a spot during the finals:

  • Dominican Republic – We know how amazing her walk was especially during the preliminaries, but we can’t help but notice the nose job it’s kinda distracting.
  • Thailand – It was easy to say that her facial beauty was outshined by the rest of the Top 15.
  • Spain – Among all Latinas, she did the least for us.
  • Lithuania – She lacked charisma on stage. But of course she’s obviously one of the nicest faces in the competition.
  • Great Britain – While the judges won’t compare her to her predecessor who Vava-voomed, Amy Willerton, we can’t help but think that she is a little bit of a downgrade.

From there on, we watched the preliminaries’ swimsuit competition and picked the best performers.


And there she goes, here are our chosen girls who might make the cut after swimsuit.


5 girls outshined the rest during the preliminary evening gown competition…


But after our re-review, here are the Top 5 girls who possessed elegance, poise, and beauty during the evening gown round.


Which brings us to judge their overall performance in Miss Universe from arrival, to the photos, to the events, and to the prelims.

4TH RUNNER-UP – Ukraine – Diana Harkusha


Ukraine has been consistently bringing the finest ladies from their country, count them since 2003, and Olesya (MU 2011 First Runner-Up), Anastacia, and Olga (we were crying while being amazed at her flowy evening gown performance). Diana is not an exception. Keep her sassiness during the swimsuit competition and she’ll sail through the final 5 as her evening gown is one of the best gowns during that preliminary night.

3RD RUNNER-UP – Jamaica – Kaci Fennell


Whenever you hear Jamaica, pageant enthusiasts would always think of Yendi Philipps as the benchmark of the carribean beauty. While Kaci can’t live up to Yendi’s overall MU run, her prelims is definitely one of the most memorable this year. Watching all her videos showing her sweet side, you can easily notice Jamaica making a huge transformation whenever she steps on that stage. It was such a gorgeous sight seeing her fabulous swimsuit, and regal evening gown performances. We could only hope that Kaci won’t end up being the Ruthie.

2ND RUNNER-UP – Philippines – Mary Jean Lastimosa


Our very own MJ! She came to this event with a lot of gun bullets ready to shoot at the perfect time. While we can probably count more than 20 girls who could outshine her facial beauty, no one can ever deny that she gave it all right from the moment she rode off the car arriving in Doral up to the final rehearsals. In this edition of nothing but tough competition, we can still see her finishing great. Of course we’re still praying for that crown and have her the first one to wear it (I mean sino ba namang ayaw diba?), but a 3rd place is an impressionable finish for our Filipina beauty. Still not convinced? Look.

1ST RUNNER-UP – Colombia – Paulina Vega


Paulina came to Doral to win. You won’t even have a second thought seeing that new crown on her. Her confidence make her one of the clear Latina front-runners. Colombia might put up an even huge surprise in the finals, but for now we’re sticking her to the runner-up position simply because of the so-so-wins-the-finals curse.

63rd MISS UNIVERSE 2014 – Brazil – Melissa Gurgel


The girl who was hardly chasing after her dreams, Melissa seems to have it all. Add the fact that Stefania, Ximena, Leila, Olivia, and Gabriela did not really perform well during their respective preliminaries. We can easily see Melissa wearing that D.I.C crown, and despite the negative reviews of her prelim preformance and the minimal hype, Miss Brazil’s facial beauty, astoundingly sexy body, and bubbly personality is her shotgun bullet leading to her big finish. And may we request you to watch her official interview again this time, imagining her with the crown on her head.

Fits her perfectly yah?

Your thoughts? Comment up, but please be gentle 😉

Which 63rd Miss Universe 2014 Country Are You? Take The Quiz!

Bored while waiting for the big event on the 25th? Take this quick quiz and determine who you should be screaming for, aside from your home country!

We are very excited to put this one up, less than a week before the much-awaited, biggest beauty pageant of the year!


Basically, this quiz will help you figure out who you should represent for this year’s Miss Universe, or as easy as what country’s sash you will wear during the viewing party. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This quiz was programmed for fun purposes only. The result is generated from a set of answers you’ve picked with its closest match. Some considerations are Missosology’s 8 Hot Picks, Sash Factor’s 10th Picks, Global Beauties’ 4th Picks’ Top 10, etc. There are a total of 26 countries for the result, all combined from top pageantry community top picks as of January 20. Caption credits to Miss Universe Organization.

Globe Brings Heart-Pumping Music From Sinulog To Dinagyang

Four of the country’s best DJs topbill Globe parties in Cebu and Iloilo with their signature beats!


Fresh from the launch of its world-renowned GEN3 Stores that brought the Philippine telco experience to global retail standards, Globe Telecom continues the celebration as it treats revellers Iloilo after Cebu to great music and entertainment with back-to-back parties for two of the country’s biggest festivals: Sinulog and Dinagyang. Taking centerstage in this month’s festivals are four of the country’s best DJs and GEN3 NEXT ACT ambassadors!

“At Globe, we always look forward to giving our customers wonderful experiences and many reasons to celebrate. During the unveiling of our newest GEN3 Stores, we told the stories of today’s biggest DJs as part of the new Stores’ concept to highlight individuals with inspiring stories. This time, we are bringing all four DJs again together for a festival experience that partygoers will surely remember. We are inviting locals and tourists to get ready to celebrate all night at the Globe parties in Cebu and Iloilo,” said Joe Caliro, Head of Retail Transformation at Globe Telecom.

While said to represent the sound of this generation, Badkiss, Callum David, Mars Miranda and Eric Capili each has a unique style and beat capturing crowds of partygoers everywhere. The combination of their energetic sets will surely rev up the parties and will keep everyone dancing non-stop.


Mars Miranda, who has made a name for himself in the club scene at an early age, will surely make it a night to remember for everyone. He only has one thing in mind: to make the night worth it for the crowd. “I just want to see people in front of me with all that energy, and feed off it. They came out to see me and it’s my responsibility to show them a good time,” said Miranda.


Partygoers in Cebu and Iloilo should expect to find themselves on the dancefloor all night long with Callum David on the deck. David said,” I listen to the radio and do a lot of research on my own. My music depends on what mood I’m in, but I like to keep people happy, and keep the crowd dancing.” David, who came to the Philippines as a model, will combine his love of music and experience as a DJ abroad to win over his Filipino audience.


The crowd can expect an eclectic mix of sounds that’s funky, soulful, and reflect the soul of different decades. Christina Bartges, known as Badkiss to her followers, enjoys combining retro sounds with the latest beats in her sets. She shared, “I respect where the music that we listen to today comes from.”


Eric Capili, Boracay’s most sought-after DJ, is taking his talent to Cebu and Iloilo to take on the most challenging Sinulog and Dinagyang partygoers. Capili admitted, “I like being challenged to play what the crowd likes. Hinuhuli ko yung kiliti nila. It’s like I’m in a relationship with my music—kailangan dalawa kaming magbibigay ng best namin para sa crowd.”


Catch these DJs as they share their best music remixes to get the party going in this year’s Sinulog and Dinagyang Festivals. And the celebration gets even more exciting with the colored powder blasts to shower the audience as they party all night long!

Their Sinulog Festival #NextActSinulog party was a blast, held last January 15 to 18 at One Mango Square. They are still the ones to watch out for in the upcoming Dinagyang Festival on January 22 to 25. The DJs will be performing starting at 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at the Globe Mobility Store on the Go located at Capitol Grounds, Iloilo City.

Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, TM and Tattoo Broadband have prepared a lot of prizes and surprises for everyone who will visit the Globe Mobility Store including a lot of games, variety shows and exclusive perks and privileges for Globe customers.

While Sinulog had live band performances in Cebu starting featuring Calla Lily, don’t miss the different variety shows led by the Global Mardigras as well as the famous Kalokalike contest on Dinagyang.

And to cap this one off, here’s how it looked like when it happened in Sinulog 2015 thanks to a very good friend Twi, we’re getting a GoPro ASAP!




To know more about the DJs their special performances, and the rest of Globe activities happening in both festivals, follow @enjoyGLOBE and @ChooseTattoo on Twitter, @enjoyGlobe and @ChooseTattoo on Instagram and like Globe on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GlobePH and Tattoo at http://www.facebook.com/GlobeTattoo.

Globe Presents: COLOR BLAST, The NextACT Sinulog 2015 Party

​Globe brings a plethora of colors to Sinulog 2015 as it unveils the NEXT ACT (Art + Community + Technology)!


At the center of it all is the Globe Village in One Mango Avenue Mall (Open starting 4PM from Jan 15-18, 2015) , where the fully-functioning, one-stop shop Globe Mobility Store-on-the-Go holds court surrounded by interactive game booths of Tattoo, Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, TM as well as its partners, Cloudfone and AllPhones.


On January 16 at One Mango Avenue (7PM) participate in COLOR BLAST: enjoy the set of rock band Callalily, and of four of the country’s best DJs and Globe NextAct ambassadors: DJ Mars Miranda, Callum David, DJ Badkiss, and Eric Capili as we paint the sky with the colors of Sinulog!

See you there and let’s paint Cebu with colors! Pit Senyor!

Papal Visit 2015 Cancelled Flights Checker

Check here if your flight is cancelled due to the upcoming Papal Visit.


This page is the easiest way to quickly check if your flight has been cancelled due to the coming of our Pope Francis here in the Philippines. Determine if your flight has been cancelled by simply putting your FLIGHT NUMBER located in your ticket(s) WITHOUT ANY SPACES.

Note: This tool was updated as of January 8, 2015.

Papal Visit PH Cancelled Flights Checker

8 Reasons Why You Should Travel To The Philippines This 2015

The Philippines is such an exciting country of lively people and amazing attractions!


With so much to do, it’s hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but here are our 8 brief reasons why you should start planning for your wanderlust experience around the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” this year, may it be to relieve stress, spark curiosity, or regain enthusiasm.


1. 2014 Was A Year Of Recognition for The Philippines

Last year, Vigan entered the NEW7WONDERS Cities. Before 2014 ended, El Nido Resorts of the Ten Knots Group won the Asia’s Responsible Tourism Award at the 21st World Travel Awards. Isn’t 2015 the perfect time to pack your bags and know the real reason these two deserved the recognitions?


2. Airfares Might Go Down This Year

Effective first week of January, Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) executive director Carmelo Arcilla said the regulator approved the removal of the fuel surcharge! While airline representatives were unavailable for comment, this sounds like a good news if hopefully this pushes through. (Source: Interaksyon)


3. New Events, Festivals Getting Bigger & Better Each Year

Thousands of people enjoyed music and merriment at the Philippine festivals held last year. From our experience, Sinulog went super wild on the party side compared to the past few years (and this year, Sinulog is on its 35th!), and Masskara gained more and more attention to travelers year after year. Even the side parties during the festivities are gaining a bigger following each year. Also, events like the Siargao International Surfing competition and Philippine International Dive Show will be one of the sports and adventure events to watch out this year. Other big events happening are:

  • Photoworld Asia 2015 (Jan. 29 to Feb. 3)
  • Philippine International Furniture Show 2015 (March 13 to 16)
  • Fringe Manila Arts Festival (February)
  • Malasimbo  Music and Arts Festival in Puerto Galera (March 6 to 8)
  • Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival (February)
  • Lifedance Sinulog 2015 (January) in Cebu


4. Papal Visit Calls For Philippine Church Pilgrimage

2015 is a great spiritual year for the Philippines as Pope Francis is visiting us on January 15-19. This also makes us think about regaining spiritual growth, give thanks, petition, remember, and honor our God. Take a walk heading to the magnificent, century-old churches and say a prayer.


5. Nightlife Has Quickly Emerged in Manila & Cebu

Last year, a huge bunch of nightlife establishments opened in Cebu, namely Liv and Den. There are a couple one in Manila too that have gained a huge following in less than a year, namely Valkyrie, Universe, and 71 Gramercy. Plus, did you know that the prices for booze in the Philippines are way way cheaper than in most countries? Party on party hard!


6. Improved Infrastructure Made It Easier To Travel

Travel time to Subic, Baguio and Ilocos is now significantly reduced with the opening of SCTEX and TPLEX. Travelling to the North through these express ways is in itself an adventure. The gateways in the Visayas and Mindanao such as airports in Iloilo, Caticlan and Cagayan de Oro and Pier 1 in Cebu are also improved. Even our NAIA (T1, T3 and T4) has shown some great changes.


7. Supporting Our Tourism Campaign, #VisitPH2015

Our Department of Tourism Secretary said this year should be a huge opportunity for us Filipinos to be actively involved in promoting the country as whole. DOT is also trying to push tourism in Bohol and Davao for 2015. Let’s be travel-crazy. It’s good. Check this out for more reasons to travel the Philippines: Department of Tourism: Visit the Philippines 2015 Promotional Video.


8. Spend A Yearful of Generosity & Smiles

Isn’t it a wonderful experience being surrounded by the warmest, kindest, and most generous people in the world in your own country? Also, by engaging on new activities on new places with new people, it helps you broaden your horizons and find an innate opportunity to move in new directions.

So pack your bags, and prepare for a year of domestic travel-go-round with #VisitPH2015! For more Philippine tourism events, visit visitph2015.com.

No idea on where to start your Philippine adventure? Take a look at our itinerary this year with Our Travel Dates #VisitPH2015 Travel Destinations Bucket List!