A fun and exciting 5-day stay at La Union as we try to make the most out of the short Labor Day vacation, chosen to chill over partying, still with a few alcohol shots in between:

  1. An overnight stay at Camp Avenue + foam party (should’ve been 2 nights but MATANDA NA KAME I KENNAT WITH THE SUN AT 2PM! HAHA!)
  2. Few nights of alcohol + chill at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel.
  3. A serene and silent stay at Villas Buenavista. Great view, not so crowded. Mid pricing. Saw some celebrities staying there, probably a good alternative to Thunderbird Poro Point.
  4. Quick stopover at Ma-Cho Temple, the first Taoist temple in the country.
  5. The much-awaited TANGADAN FALLS trek that took us 1.5 hours, plus it rained on our way back so we missed the cliff diving as it is not allowed anymore due to safety reasons (boooo!

OUT OF THE VIDEO ITI (sorry I missed taking videos and wanted to just enjoy the moment):

  1. River Farm Seafood Restaurant – Food at around P500 each from the total bill, got every seafood we want (shrimp, crabs, fish, etc.)
  2. Halo-Halo De Iloko – Affordable but took us a while to have a seat obviously because it was holiday + peak, missed taking Buko Halo-halo (and the yummy Okoy!) A portion of the video did not even display that Halo-halo (SORRY!)
  3. San Juan Surf – Enjoyed watching the surfers and the first-timers crash on their boards (loljk!), but decided not to turn on my camera and just have a good lunch + coffee.


  • A huge shoutout to the #LRCPH Team especially to Pao Durmiendo Films (for the #DNGtoLUT tutorial) and boss JP Villanueva (for the #Gala preset), you guys rock!
  • My idol Jam Ocampo for lending us his GoPro during the entire vacay. Coffee on me!
  • The staff of Ma-Cho Temple for letting us fly Sparky even if we got a very few shots because of the windy condition (Sparky can only handle so much wind)
  • Doc Cyril for helping me retrieve Sparky from a high hill after its first horrible crash at the trees on the Tangadan Falls! HAHAHAHA (Tatanga-tanga for not watching the drone while flying)
  • Random guy at the falls who sold me his backup propellers or else I’m on dead end and cannot fly anymore for the rest of the trip. LESSON LEARNED: Always bring backups! Haha!

Music by: MOONZz – Every Every (TELYKast Remix) No copyright infringement intended.


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