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Laborunion 2018: A Glimpse

A fun and exciting 5-day stay at La Union as we try to make the most out of the short Labor Day vacation, chosen to chill over partying, still with a few alcohol shots in between!

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The OTD Team

OurTravelDates is a photography, travel, and lifestyle blog by LGBT partners Jeff & John. Same brand is aiming to become a travel film production team.

While this blog has mainly focused on travel experiences for the past 5 years, we would like at least put this to an extent and put our words and pictures with everything we learn about photography, fashion, and fitness too.

Jeff is a fitness blogger, freelance event singer, and an aspiring physique bodybuilder who aims to travel the entire Philippine islands for the next 5 years.

John is an experienced backend developer who loves to enjoy a scenic view: a beach sunset, or a relaxed, chill spaces somewhere far from the city.