Get to your destination in style for FREE – NO booking fee, NO metered fare!

Riding in the city just got even better with Easy Taxi’s new product cars! Last #OCT302014, we were given a chance to attend an event we don’t even know what is about. All we were given is a hashtag, and brand clues.

When we arrived at the event, all we see are four different cars… covered.

easy-taxi-product-cards-wechat-belo-smart-sun1photo credits: Easy Taxi PH

It turns out that Easy Taxi is having a collabiration with Smart, Sun, Belo, and WeChat Philippines with their product cars! These cars will bring you to your destination at no cost!


But, how do I avail of the FREE RIDE?

Simple, download the Easy Taxi app on App Store or Google Play (if you don’t have it yet), then book using the app. If there’s an available vacant product taxi near you, this cab with pick you up and bring you to your destination of choice ABSOLUTELY FREE! Each cars may require you to do something in return. One for example is WeChat, which will make you claim the free ride by simply posting your #selfie inside the WeChat Easy Taxi Cab and using the hashtag #WeChatTaxi on your Moments and Facebook post:


So far we haven’t seen these cars in action as of today, November 3. Hopefully we can get to ride one of them soon, especially WeChat! This promo will last until the end of the year so we’ll see if the green car (or pink or yellow or blue!) will head our way! Also, please take note that this promo is currently available to destination in Metro Manila only.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve been given clues that Easy Taxi will soon be integrated FULLY with WeChat! We’ve read yesterday that the China version of WeChat named Weixin, has already chalked up 21 million taxi rides in just over a month. So we’re definitely seeing that integration soon, and it has already started in Singapore so it’s just a short wait until we actually get to enjoy the same benefit! An article too said WeChat will integrate more third-party apps, including our favorite mobile food delivery service, Food Panda!

So download your Easy Taxi app now and experience the ride of a lifetime! Easy Taxi, your taxi one touch away!


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